CSCP Curriculum

The CSCP Curriculum was developed to provide candidates with learning statements, learning outcomes and references directly related to the ten (10) domains of the CSCP Competency Statements of the exam. As the CSCP examination is not entry-level, the curriculum assumes that candidates are already familiar with current U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Self-Regulatory Organizations (SRO) rules and regulations pertaining to broker-dealers and investment advisers.

The curriculum is the preparatory tool designed to familiarize candidates with a description of possible examination question topics; it does not purport to be all-inclusive nor is it a guarantee of passing the actual examination.

The CSCP examination is not entry-level and may only be taken by those candidates who have fulfilled established eligibility criteria.  Once a candidate has determined that he/she has met the eligibility criteria, the candidate is encouraged to utilize the CSCP Competency Statements in conjunction with the CSCP Curriculum to plan, execute, and customize their unique study guide and preparation strategy.

The CSCP Curriculum directly correlates to the current published CSCP test form and is updated in "real time". The content in the CSCP test form is current at the time of the publication. Any changes to rules and regulations within the industry after such date will not be reflected on the test form. (current test form implemented: July 2011)

Curriculum Accounts | Fees

Candidates interested in the CSCP Program purchase a 12-month account to the CSCP Curriculum, through the CSCP website, and control their preparation strategy accordingly. The Curriculum fee is a separate fee from the Standard Program fees (Pearson VUE exam registration fee) and will allow candidates the opportunity to review and become comfortable with the study materials prior to committing to a testing appointment.

Please click on the "Curriculum" button located in the left navigation menu to proceed through the purchasing process.

Curriculum Fees:

  • New 12-Month Account: $200 USD
  • Renewal of Existing 12-Month Account: $175 USD

After candidates have become comfortable with the study materials within the CSCP Curriculum, they will need to register for the CSCP examination (Standard Program Fee) through Pearson VUE. This is a separate fee. The CSCP Program offers three different standard fees. These program fees include writing the exam, the CSCP credential application process, access to the Credential Management System (CMS), and a CSCP Certificate. NSCP membership has no bearing on the eligibility or cost of the CSCP program.

Standard Program Fees:

Curriculum Access

Within 3-5 business days of purchase, you will receive an email* from and the subject line will read CSCP Curriculum account opened. The email will include the web address for the CSCP Curriculum, your unique username and password. NSCP is proud to partner with Omnipress in the online delivery of the CSCP Curriculum.

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Congratulations on your CSCP Curriculum Account (name) purchase. The Curriculum is the CSCP exam's preparatory tool and is designed to allow you to plan, execute and customize your unique study guide and preparation strategy.

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Once you become comfortable with the study materials, please schedule your CSCP testing appointment with Pearson VUE.

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