15 years of working towards a good Life for all and looking ahead:

How can we support the global recovery and transition to a sustainable life now and in the years to come?


We want to reflect on our 15 years of work by focussing on four topics that can have a lot of impact right now and explore how they can contribute to the global recovery and a good Life for all now and in the future.

Circular Economy


Behaviour Change



How can Circular Economy be placed as an enabler for a better society?

“Is 2020 becoming a turning point for our society? What are the learnings we could take from the coronavirus outbreak and its consequences? This seems to be a big chance to rethink our values, priorities and the legacy we want to leave in the world. Certainly, collaboration, collective thinking and the need to improve our economic patterns are part of the answer to these questions. Circular Economy will play a relevant role in a sustainable and fair recovery process for our society and economy. But, how exactly can Circular Economy be placed as an enabler for a better, fairer, more inclusive society? The CSCP is deeply engaged in this circularity path. We invite you to join is in building the sustainable and circular future that we want!”

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Transforming the way we do business, work and live together

“The digital transformation is happening at incredible speed and we are barely able to see what effects it is going to have on our lives in the long run. We need to talk about the possible impacts, especially about those that are linked to the socio-economic transformation of the way we do business, work and life together. At the CSCP we collaborate across borders, sectors and with public and private organisations to come up with the right questions and  innovative solutions.”

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Seizing the moment of change for a good life for all

“Our everyday behaviours, both at work or in private, have been disrupted massively over the past months. The question of how to live fulfilling, healthy and sustainable lifestyles was never been so high in the agenda as it is now! We are harvesting the learnings of this crisis and are committed to support the rebuilding of our societies and individual behaviours towards a new normal, informed by positive practices of this moment of change and while leaving no one behind. We have no doubt that change is possible – the moment is now! Get in touch and let’s collaborate to make it happen.”

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Resilience of sustainable food value chains

“The recent months have reminded us what is most precious in life. Health, functioning ecosystems and good food are among the key elements. What we will continue to strive for is enhancing the overall appreciation of responsibly sourced food. Through fostering closer collaboration and interaction along the value chain and creating more sustainable food choices to support individuals in better food (waste) management, our work will thereby help increase the resilience of sustainable food value chains.”

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CSCP Impact Map

See where the CSCP has had impact in the last 15 years


Engage with us on our Circular Economy approach!

The transition to a circular economy is a systemic shift towards conducting economic activity in ways that lead to growth, resilience, and social equity while at the same using resources in new and innovative ways to close the loop. A circular economy is functional only insofar as it works for everyone – in line with the German Circularity Act, the European Circular Economy Action Plan part of the EU Green Deal, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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We look forward to engaging with you in creating a circular world!

#15CSCP #DigitalisationForAGoodLife

Behaviour Change in the Digital Age

As part of our 15th year, we are deep diving into four key topics, including digitalisation, to explore how we can enable positive impact right now toward more sustainability and a good life for all. We were curious how our sustainable lifestyle (SL) team works on digitalisation at the intersection of behaviour change toward more sustainability. To find out, we interviewed Rosa Strube, Head of the SL Team. Read the full interview here.

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We look forward to collaborating with you in dressing key questions, such as: How can we make sure that digitalisation drives positive social and environmental transformation? How can we ensure that digitalisation itself becomes more sustainable?

Reach out to us, let’s collaborate now!

#15CSCP #CookingUpSustainableSolutions

Cooking Up Sustainable Solutions

For a recipe for food products and services that supports you in going from selective product sustainability to an overall portfolio sustainability, we have teamed up with Cristina Fedato, Head of the Sustainable Infrastructure, Products and Services team at the CSCP. For a recipe to reduce food waste, we have paired up with Nora Brüggemann, our food waste reduction expert.

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Check out our recipe to reduce food waste.

“We must enhance our international collaboration to support vulnerable countries not only in overcoming the present crisis, but also in strengthening their resilience for the future”

- Michael Kuhndt, Executive Director