Lisa Mai

Research Assistant

+49 202 459 58 - 10

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Lisa joined the Sustainable Infrastructure, Products and Services (SIPS) team as an intern in June 2020 and now works as a student assistant.

From a young age she has been fascinated by psychological insights and exploring people’s opinions and behaviour. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Business Psychology from the University of Applied Sciences in Hamm. Lisa focused on market and consumer research during her studies and spent a semester as an intern in market research and human resources in the United Kingdom. Previously, she has also worked as a market research intern at the qualitative research company “rheingold salon”. In her last semester she concentrated on environmental psychology, collaborating with the CSCP on her bachelor thesis to explore consumer choices regarding a sustainable packaging alternative. She continues to work passionately in this field.
Lisa is motivated by her belief that consumers should enjoy their sustainable choices and make them with less effort. Hence, she engages in the transition towards a future that encompasses an affordable and accessible circular economy.

Lisa is a German national.