| Posted September 15, 2021

14 Recommendations to Turn Intentions into Action for More Sustainable Food Consumption

Although many people declare that they want to eat healthier and more sustainably, the proportion of sustainable food consumption is still shockingly low. How can we move from attitudes and intentions to actual action? How can we bring about the necessary behavioural change for more sustainable food consumption in Europe? The VALUMICS report From Intention […]

| Posted September 14, 2021

BOOM Camps 2021: Shaping the Sustainable Future

What does it mean to live sustainably or how do sustainability goals intersect with future career choices? Over 70 teenagers and young adults engaged with these questions during our BOOM career orientation camps held in summer 2021. The participants of the food camp built a clay oven from scratch – a new asset for the […]

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Moving Towards Sustainable Food Systems Through Green Public Procurement – Join Our GOALAN Final Event on 6 October 2021!

What is the impact of green horticultural practices on local farmers and how does it affect the wider supply chain? How can green public procurement support farming communities but also speed up the transition to more sustainable food supply chains in general? These questions will be at the core of our GOALAN final project event […]

| Posted September 10, 2021

How Can We Live Sustainably Every Day – An Invitation to Citizens of Wuppertal and Aachen to Join “We #MoveTheDate” Workshops in September and October 2021

Despite growing climate and environmental literacy, changing our behaviour to live more sustainably can still be challenging. The project We #MoveTheDate invites citizens of Wuppertal and Aachen to join workshops and share what motivates but also hinders them in applying new behaviours. In a separate workshop, we discuss ways to support and enable civil society […]

| Posted September 9, 2021

Join Our Workshop “The Future We Want: Broad Commitment for a Good Life” on 27 September 2021 in Wuppertal

How can we tap into the potential of local engagement for a sustainable future? Moreover, how can we invite and encourage fellow citizens to join in on this vision? The workshop “The future we want – Broad commitment for a good life” targets civil society organisations in Wuppertal and will focus on showcasing and developing […]

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Accelerate the Shift to Sustainable Food Value Chains – Join the VALUMICS Final Conference on 21 September 2021!

The transition to more sustainable and climate-neutral food systems is more urgent than ever. Changes in both our production as well as consumption patterns need to happen to support such a shift. The VALUMICS project final conference will bring together key stakeholders to discuss and exchange on how such transition pathways could look like. Throughout […]

| Posted September 2, 2021

Why Food Systems Should Endorse the European Green Deal – Join us at the Bremerhaven Food Forum 22 September

Current food systems are too linear to meet the needs of the future. In food production alone, too many scarce resources are used, ecosystems are harmed, and the air is polluted. Food waste along the entire value chain is a huge problem as are conventional food packaging and unsustainable consumption practices. This should change quickly […]

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Circular Futures: Join the First German Circular Economy Festival 7 & 8 October 2021!

The transition to the Circular Economy needs collaboration. That’s why the first German festival on circular economy is an open social innovation event, calling on all relevant actors to join hands in accelerating the transition. For a societal endeavour of this scale, stakeholders from civil society, academia, policy, industry, and more need to be actively […]

| Posted August 25, 2021

7 Retailer Lessons on How to Support the Shift Toward More Sustainable Food Consumption

With increasing awareness and understanding regarding the consumer intention-action gap, how can retailers contribute to bridging it and support the shift toward more sustainable food consumption? The VALUMICS report ‘Behaviour change interventions for more sustainable food consumption’ assembles learnings from three practical behavioural interventions at the retail level. Sustainable food consumption can be tricky. Many […]