| Posted September 8, 2022

Digital with Purpose: Meet us at the Global Summit on 27 September in Lisbon!

Our world is becoming increasingly digital, most recently also in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Against this backdrop, it is relevant to ask: how can our collective action be steered so that we create more value through digital solutions? The Digital with Purpose Global Summit 2022 is bringing global tech leaders and key actors in […]

| Posted September 6, 2022

Join Our #EUCircularTalk on 15 September 2022: Accelerating Circular Behaviours – How Can Digitalisation Help Us?

What are the missing pieces in the puzzle in order to make circularity the norm among consumers in Europe? What can stakeholders such as retailers, city representatives, policymakers, and civil society organisations (CSOs) do to enable circular behaviours among consumers? How can digitalisation play a supporting role in this process? At the #EUCircularTalk Accelerating Circular […]

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Meet us at the Circular Economy Hotspot in Bottrop on 14 September 2022!

From 12 to 14 September 2022, the international Circular Economy Hotspot will take place in the former mining town and current Innovation City of Bottrop, Germany. On three event days, the topics of circular economy, resource conservation and increasing efficiency will be highlighted in order to accelerate the transformation towards the circular economy and to […]

| Posted September 1, 2022

Increasing Impact Through Behavioural Know-How: The Example of Our weiter_wirken Programme

After a four-month journey during which 20 representatives of civil society organisations (CSOs) learned, gained experience and exchanged ideas on the topic of behaviour change, they successfully completed our capacity building programme weiter_wirken. During the course of the programme the group learned to facilitate and enable behaviour change in their projects and by involving relevant […]

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Join us at the Circular Futures Festival on 14 and 15 of September to Co-Create Solutions!

Circular economy approaches are becoming ever more important in responding to environmental challenges such as the climate change. Multiple actors, including policymakers, businesses, cities, civil society and other stakeholders have recognised that an orientation towards circular strategies is necessary to achieve a future-oriented and environmentally-friendly economy and society. The question is, however, what can circular […]

| Posted August 31, 2022

How to Become a Sustainable Company Through Co-Creation: The Story of Storch-Ciret

Aspects such as integrating sustainability, practising responsive working methods, cross-functional collaboration or strengthening psychological safety, are becoming central to the strategic planning of businesses that want to become future-proof. So why not try to tackle multiple agenda items at the same time with a process driven by employees themselves? In early 2021, we embarked on […]

| Posted August 25, 2022

Join the PSLifestyle Living Lab in Solingen on 14 September to Co-Create 100 Actions for a Sustainable and Good Life!

Turning down the heat, cycling more often or reducing food waste – we all have countless opportunities to reduce our personal carbon footprint. Yet, the question is how to identify which actions have the biggest impact and how to turn them into long-lasting habits. This is what the upcoming PSLifestyle Living Lab workshop is about. […]

| Posted August 15, 2022

How to Build a Geodesic Dome in Your Community? – Join our Gläserne Werkstatt Workshop on 23-25 September 2022!

A geodesic dome is not simply an amazing geometric structure made of triangles that together form a dome. In fact, the support-free space that the dome provides can be used in countless creative ways. This is why in urban areas geodesic domes are being used more and more as greenhouses, mediation spaces, or meeting rooms […]

| Posted August 11, 2022

The CSCP Provides Scientific Support to the Campaign #Wirdrehenrunter: How Colder Washing Can Protect the Climate

Did you know that lowering the washing temperature of your laundry from 40°C to 30°C can have as big an impact as saving around 38% CO2 emissions? Maybe you contemplated if washing at lower degrees provides the same cleaning results? Truth is, improved detergent formulas work just as well in colder temperatures. In turn, cold-washing […]

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Food Waste Reduction Measures That Work: A Case Study Collection From the Dialogue Forum

Protective layers for fruit and vegetables, fresh “gastro deals”, “dynamic markdown pricing”, consumer acceptance of fruits and vegetables with blemishes, 100% food redistribution to charities – all of these are measures that the retail and wholesale sector can take to reduce food waste. Considering their interfaces to suppliers, customers, and redistribution, retail and wholesale hold […]