| Posted March 24, 2022

Our Packaging Club Releases Paper on Separating and Sorting Cues: Are They Effective?

Do you know which packaging belongs in which bin? What if packaging consists of different materials? Retailers and producers are increasingly using separation and sorting cues to help consumers dispose of waste correctly and ensure high-quality material recycling. In a new study conducted together with the Berlin-based Verbraucher Initiative, the CSCP tested consumer awareness regarding […]

| Posted March 22, 2022

The PSLifestyle Living Labs Ready to Kick-Off: Empowering Changemakers to Shape a Good Life for All

The vision of a good life connects people around the globe: a life that respects planetary boundaries by protecting the climate, preserving and protecting biodiversity, stoping air and water pollution or reducing waste. There is growing momentum as to how sustainable lifestyles can be a catalyst for aligning personal wellbeing with that of the planet. […]

| Posted March 21, 2022

“My Goal is to Reduce Food Waste Significantly”

After two decades of working in marketing and communication for major brands and companies in the German and French food industry, Nicolas Barthelmé decided to change perspective. In founding his own bottom-up community movement, his focus shifted toward bringing transparency to the food market, supporting fair shares for farmers, and empowering consumers. The CSCP is […]

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Our New Project SteamBioAfrica Kicks-Off: Turning Bush Encroachment Into Clean Energy

For the past decades, countries in Southern Africa, such as Namibia, Botswana and South Africa have suffered from unwanted bush encroachment. The invasive bush species compete with livestock for water, contribute to soil erosion, and threaten natural habitat and local savannah ecosystems. However, combating and controlling bush encroachment is costly, involving intensive manual labor. For […]

| Posted March 17, 2022

“Enabling Circular Electronics: Skills for Cities, Businesses and Consumers” – Watch the Discussion Now!

Each year, more electronic internet-connected devices are produced than there are humans on Earth*. Resource-wise this is a dead end. In March 2022, we discussed with stakeholders from businesses, civil society organisations (CSOs) and the research community at the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference how we can make circular electronics a reality. Digital networking is […]

| Posted March 16, 2022

Environmental Sustainability and Digitalisation in SMEs – Status quo Vadis?

On the way to a sustainable society and economy, digitalisation is one of the most important means. But are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) leveraging the synergies between a digital and sustainable transformation and what kind of incentives do they need to do so? Our latest study with the Öko-Institut outlines recommendations for policy approaches […]

| Posted March 15, 2022

“Healthy Working and Digital Leadership” – Don’t Miss Our CSR.digital Event on 1 April 2022!

Following the Coronavirus outbreak, working from home has become a new norm for many. Advantages counted, home office has also caused a blur in boundaries between work and private life, impacting mental health and wellbeing. This is why leaders across organisations are faced with the challenge of implementing digital leadership strategies that ensure the overall […]

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Pathways to Circular Textiles and Less Microplastic Pollution: Read the Latest ETC/CE Reports!

Textiles and plastics represent key value chains in the EU Circular Economy Action Plan. On average, textiles have the fourth highest negative life cycle impact on the environment, after food, housing and mobility. Textile washing is also responsible for the release of microplastics into our seas, land and air. A shift to a circular textile […]

| Posted March 8, 2022

Transforming Tourism: Our Project Circular Tourism Vietnam Launches Stakeholder Meetings

With its picturesque landscapes, white sandy beaches, and impressive terrace rice fields, Vietnam has become a leading tourist destination. Yet, the same landscapes that enabled the tourism boom in the first place are facing the most challenges caused by this rapid growth. As one of the countries with the fastest growing tourism sector in the […]

| Posted March 3, 2022

Engaging Employees Toward Becoming a Sustainable Enterprise: Why it Works

The way companies approach the integration of sustainability principles into their culture and working practices is as varied as the companies themselves. Top management responsibility and commitments are often regarded as the most important means and indicators for formal sustainability integration. But do they also need to be the starting point? Putting employees in the […]