| Posted November 2, 2021

Your Opinion Wanted: Take the Dialogue Forum Survey on Upcycled Food Products

Chocolate made from confectionery production scraps? Dumplings made from bakeries’ breadcrumbs? Such upcycled products are the result of food rescue, the process of gleaning edible food that would otherwise be discarded. Start-ups and retailers in Germany are looking for consumer feedback in order to identify challenges and opportunities related to the offering of upcycled products. […]

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A New Start for the City of Solingen: The “Gläserne Werkstatt” Opens Its Doors

Located at the heart of the Solingen city centre, the Gläserne Werkstatt is a showcase and lively marketplace for high-quality and sustainable products and services developed and produced in the region. In what is still an ongoing construction site, first events are running and the project calls on companies and manufacturers to promote their sustainable […]

| Posted October 6, 2021

How Can Industrial Digitalisation Enable More Sustainability? – Join Us and Let’s Exchange at this Year’s G-STIC Conference on 26 October 2021!

Industry 4.0 holds a great potential to reduce the environmental impact of our production systems and enable the Circular Economy. The session “Paving the twin transition road” at the Global Sustainable Technology & Innovation Community (G-STIC) conference during the World Expo Dubai 2021 will bring together experts and stakeholders to jointly reflect and discuss how […]

| Posted September 30, 2021

We Need More Sustainability to Alleviate Social Injustices

Campaigning for regenerative cities, supporting migrant entrepreneurship in Malta, or managing EU funds for a cleaner Baltic Sea – a multifaceted engagement for more sustainability sits at the core of Fiona Woo’s résumé. Her dream project: to co-design urban spaces together with local residents and businesses that keep people at the centre. Learn more about […]

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“Germany Saves Food” Action Week – Join Our Webinar on AI Solutions for Less Food Waste on 22 October 2021!

What innovative solutions could help reduce food losses and waste at the interfaces between sectors? How can artificial intelligence (AI) add value, what are the risks involved and how can these be mitigated? As part of the national action week Germany Saves Food, the CSCP and its partners will host an online webinar to explore […]

| Posted September 29, 2021

Exploring the Social Impacts of the Circular Economy – Meet us at the Circular Week on 14 & 15 October 2021!

We hear a lot about the economic and environmental benefits of the circular economy, but what about the social benefits? How are the livelihoods and well-being of specific communities affected by the transition? What about social norms, consumer behaviour and the social trade-offs that lie at the heart of the circular economy? At the Electronics […]

| Posted September 27, 2021

Enabling SMEs to Approach Digitalisation with Sustainability Lenses

Collaboration is key to building sustainable businesses that leverage the full power of digitalisation processes and tools. The CSCP trained representatives of the Mittelstand Digital competence centres on how to inspire and empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to collaborate for sustainable digitalisation. As part of Mittlestand Digital, 26 competence centres operate all over Germany. […]

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Watch Our Competence Centre eStandards Video: Sustainable Digitalisation and the Circular Economy

The intersection between digitalisation and sustainability is the centre of many discussions. While there seems to be a consensus on the need to think of the two as complementary and intertwined, it is less clear what this means for specific actors or how it can be implemented in practice. It all becomes even more complex […]

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From Take-Back Schemes to Repairability Indices: Testing Circular Economy Solutions for Electronics

What do consumers do with their electronic gadgets once they no longer use them? Store them in a drawer? How can we empower and enable consumers to bring their old gadgets back to the cycle? As part of the Consumer Insight Action Panel (CIAP), we have been working with three organisations that are on a […]

| Posted September 22, 2021

One Step Closer to Sustainable Food Systems

As the VALUMICS project comes to its end, the project team, partners and other stakeholders, came together to share and reflect on four years of joint work. The final event held in September 2021 was an opportunity to think about how to upscale the positive impact of VALUMICS beyond the project’s life cycle. Throughout the […]