| Posted September 22, 2023

Check Out the Business Case Studies of Our sustainable.circular Programme

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, it is imperative for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to remain receptive to fresh ideas and innovative approaches that can revamp their business practices. As part of the first round of our sustainable.circular Programme, the objective was to empower SMEs to adopt sustainable circular approaches, ensuring their continued competitiveness. During the course of the first round, the project team and the involved companies delved into topics such as, how to ensure that circular approaches are sustainable and discussed the potentials and challenges that entrepreneurs face when integrating circular approaches into their operations. A series […]

| Posted September 21, 2023

Join us at the Digital with Purpose Summit on 27 September 2023!

Organised by the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), the Digital with Purpose Global Summit 2023 will be held from 27 – 29 September 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal. The summit is a global platform for digital leaders, bringing together actors from the public and private sector to accelerate the use and uptake of digital innovations toward achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. We are proud to be part of the GeSI board and we will contribute to the summit‘s lineup of interesting topics, exciting speakers, and committed actions. At this year’s summit, Arlind Xhelili from the Sustainable Lifestyles Team […]

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How the co-do! lab Supports Companies to Create Customised Transformation Pathways

Victoria Funk is a CSCP project manager and co-do lab team member with a decade of experience in digital transformation and business development. In this interview, she explains how the co-do lab steps in to empower and support businesses in their transformation journeys. The CSCP has launched the co-do lab, a Wuppertal-based do tank that runs as a social business, to radically scale up our efforts in transforming businesses, municipalities, and cities to become more sustainable. You can read more about the co-do lab here. There is an urgency to scale transformative solutions toward sustainability now. Yet, transforming can be […]

| Posted September 20, 2023

Meet Us at the EU Circular Week from 23 to 27 October 2023!

The Circular Economy is a complex transformation process that requires close cooperation between different actors. With the goal of showcasing different key aspects of circularity and enabling stakeholder dialogue, the EU Circular Week 2023 will host a series of events and initiatives taking place across Europe and covering topics such as new business models, consumer behaviour change and social innovations. On 25 October 2023, the CSCP Executive Director, Michael Kuhndt will be a speaker at the opening session of the Mazovia Circular Congress, which is the focal point of the Circular Week 2023. The session will focus on the pan-Europen […]

| Posted September 19, 2023

“Change is About Stepping Out of Comfort Zones”, says Daniela Chaves, new CSCP Project Manager

Following years of experience in the food industry, Daniela Chaves has joined the CSCP as a Project Manager at the Sustainable Infrastructure, Products and Services (SIPS) Team. In this interview she explains that when it comes to enabling positive change, unlocking the potential of relevant stakeholders starts by understanding their needs and perspectives first. Now you’re here: What is a key goal you are looking forward to achieving as part of the CSCP? Before officially joining the CSCP, I had the chance to get to know the organisation as part of the CSCP co-working space. This gave me the opportunity […]

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Integrating Biodiversity into Corporate Environmental Management with the UBi Biodiversity-Checks

As part of the UBi project, the CSCP together with the Global Nature Fund and the Lake Constance Foundation have developed a fact sheet on Biodiversity-Checks. As such, Biodiversity-Checks serve as a first orientation for companies on how to integrate biodiversity into their environmental and social responsibility management and as a starting point for assessing the business relevance of biodiversity and related opportunities. Depending on the sector, there are specific risks and opportunities with direct impact on the business. To address the topic in a sector-specific way, the UBi project partners are working together with experts, companies, and business associations […]

| Posted September 14, 2023

The Lifestyle Test is Launched: Inspiring Europeans to Lead more Positive and Sustainable Lifestyles!

In our daily life we constantly interact with our housing, mobility, food and general infrastructural environments and consume a variety of products and services that define the impact we have on nature, our wellbeing, and society itself. The extent of this impact depends both on how these products and services have been produced as well on the way we consume them. Beyond the need for more sustainable and resource-efficient production systems, improving consumption practices is one of the main sustainability goals of today, as reflected in the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and the European Green Deal. Already in its first […]

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FoodLoops: Supporting Circular Food Systems in Schools

Currently, 59 million tonnes of food are thrown away each year in the European Union according to the Eurostat. Food waste and loss take place at many stages of the value chain, including a large share at the consumption stage. Our project FoodLoops, launched in September 2023, aims to support circular food systems in schools by reducing waste and improving the organic waste cycle. The project will empower municipalities, educators and caterers to improve their biowaste separation at its source (e.g., in school canteens and kitchens). Moreover, FoodLoops will guide these actors to collaborate in developing solutions that turn unavoidable […]

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The LIKE A PRO Project Invites Experts to Join Workshop on Consumer Acceptance of Alternative Proteins

Alternative proteins are on the rise, but what is needed to increase consumer acceptance of products made up of mealworm, krill or microbial proteins? The first LIKE A PRO digital workshop in Germany on 9 November 2023 will discuss relevant factors and co-create maps of interlinkages with experts from relevant sectors. The CSCP invites stakeholders from different sectors, including industry, academia, policy and civil society to join the workshop and discuss acceptance barriers to alternative proteins and potential solutions. In the project, we look at proteins from alternative sources such as rapeseed, mealworm, krill, microbial protein, cultivated fungus, fermented mushroom […]

| Posted September 12, 2023

UBi Project Invites German Businesses to Join the Supply Chain Biodiversity Award 2023!

To inspire and encourage German businesses to take an active role in unlocking the potential of supply chains with regard to protecting and preserving biodiversity, our UBi project has launched the second round of the award “The supply chain lives: Transforming supply chains, integrating biodiversity”. The award aims to celebrate and promote activities and measures taken by businesses that have an impact throughout the entire supply chain. This year’s award focuses on the transformative character of such measures, their transferability to other industries, and the pioneering spirit of the companies. Companies of all sizes and sectors that are based in […]