| Posted December 13, 2022

Recycling of Multilayer Packaging: Engineering Struggle or Technological Innovation?

The potential of recycling multilayer packaging in Europe is not an easy topic. The packaging solutions are popular with major food manufacturers due to product safety and particular suitability for branding. However, multilayer packaging is prone to numerous challenges related to sorting, separation, and delamination at the end-of-life phase. How can we increase the rate […]

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How to Create Consumer-Friendly Circular Packaging – Watch our Video Series!

Demands on packaging are increasing: it should be protective, stackable, informative but also practical, attractive and circular. To fulfil these requirements, consumers should be taken on board. That’s why understanding their behaviour is crucial, also in order to understand how behavioural challenges can be overcome. Circular packaging – that is, packaging designed to be reused, […]

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WertNetzWerke: A New Centre for Digitalisation and Circular Economy for SMEs is Launched!

Current key topics such as Circular Economy and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are becoming ever more important for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). One of the questions to consider is: How can SMEs use AI as a tool to innovate their business models and collaborate to create circular solutions? The Centre for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises […]

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Sustainable Cashmere: The Story of Mongolia

Based on traditional pastoralist livelihoods, the cashmere and wool sector is a key driver of the Mongolian economy and second only to the extractive industries. It is, however, facing challenges due to increased competition from foreign processors. In the past 4 years, our STeP EcoLab Mongolia project shared knowledge on social and environmental standards with […]

| Posted December 12, 2022

The CSCP at COP 15: Focusing on the Links Between Biodiversity, Business, and Circular Economy!

Key global actors have come together at the United Nations Biodiversity Conference CBD COP 15, running from 7 to 19 December in Montreal, Canada, to jointly focus on commitments to stop biodiversity loss and align actions toward its restoration. The conference is a historic event expected to adopt the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF), which […]

| Posted December 2, 2022

The SCALIBUR Project Wraps Up: 20 Innovative Solutions & Multiple Processes for Better Biowaste Management in Europe!

Over the last four years, 20 partners from eight European countries, including waste management companies, technology developers and research organisations have closely collaborated under the umbrella of our SCALIBUR project. Together they co-developed a range of innovative solutions and stakeholder engagement processes to address the challenges posed by urban biowaste treatment and management in the […]

| Posted December 1, 2022

The ROOTS Policy Initiative: Circular Policies to Change the Biowaste System

Innovative approaches such as circular biobased value chains are only useful if they can be successfully implemented. The CSCP is working intensively toward enabling such practices. A key part of this is shaping legislation and informing policy makers. The HOOP and SCALIBUR projects as well as three other projects working on urban circular bioeconomies have […]

| Posted November 29, 2022

PSLifestyle Living Labs Engage Europeans in 8 Pilot Countries Toward Sustainable Lifestyles

Establishing more sustainable habits that both fit one’s context and have a high positive impact is not always a simple process. It becomes even more complex when trying to turn such habits into lasting ones. Our PSLifestyle project is working with citizens in 8 European pilot countries to gather insights on what actions fit into […]

| Posted November 24, 2022

CSR.digital Highlights: Staying Sustainable in Times of Crisis Through Digitalisation

In October 2022, the North-Rhein Westphalian (NRW) state-wide Centre for Business and Digital Responsibility, CSR.digital invited entrepreneurs and representatives from business, politics and civil society to the Design Offices Düsseldorf to discuss how sustainable digitalisation can enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in NRW to position themselves for the future, even in times of crisis. […]

| Posted November 23, 2022

A Space to Promote Sustainability: The Gläserne Werkstatt in Solingen Opens its Doors

After a two-year long period of collaboration, the Gläserne Werkstatt in Solingen opened its doors to the public in October 2022. As a place for quality and sustainability in the Bergisches Städtedreieck, the Gläserne Werkstatt stands for regionality, innovative thinking of new products and processes, and for networking that opens up new paths. The Gläserne […]