| Posted April 10, 2024

Together for Biodiversity: Visit the UBi Project at the “Woche der Umwelt” on 4-5 June 2024 in Berlin!

Biodiversity is the beating heart of the ecosystems that make our life on Earth possible. Despite its critical role, biodiversity is under threat. Species are rapidly disappearing, habitats are vanishing, and essential natural processes are being disrupted. As society and the economy are highly dependent on natural services, protecting biodiversity is not only a moral obligation for companies, but also a smart business move. At the “Woche der Umwelt” (The Week of the Environment), our UBi project will showcase how businesses can thrive by protecting and preserving biodiversity. Discover innovative solutions and inspiring insights by joining us on 4-5 June […]

| Posted March 28, 2024

Green Claims Explained: Listen to the “Grüne Wiese” Podcast with CSCP Executive Director Michael Kuhndt!

‘Environmentally-friendly’, ‘climate-neutral’, ‘sustainable’, ‘green’, – marketing strategies in the European Union (EU) are overloaded with terms like these. According to the European Commission, more than half of such claims are vague, misleading or based on inaccurate information. In addition, European consumers are confronted with 230 sustainability labels and 100 green energy labels with varying degrees of transparency. The planned EU Green Claims Directive aims to put an end to unsubstantiated marketing claims and empower consumers to make informed choices. But what does this mean in practice? How will the Green Claims Directive change the way products and services are marketed […]

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How to Build Value Networks: Join Our WertNetzWerke Webinar on 18 April 2024!

Value networks are dynamic systems within and between organisations that aim to invent, develop, and successfully market innovations that create value for all parties involved. They hold great potential for companies seeking to achieve economies of scale, reach new markets, or increase their impact. But what does it take to build value networks that sustain over time and go beyond short-term interests of particular partners? Our next Digital Centre WertNetzWerke webinar on 18 April 2024 will shed light on this topic – join us! Value networks are based on mutual trust. By working together, partners create a system that allows […]

| Posted March 20, 2024

Next Food: How Alternative Proteins Can Transform the Food System

The current European food system is not in line with the sustainability and health goals set by the European Union. Despite significant efforts and initiatives, the shift towards a more sustainable food system is still not holistic and fast enough to achieve the required scale. What is needed to accelerate this transition, address environmental concerns and improve public health at the same time? Livestock farming and the dairy industry continue to play a major role in the food market, which exacerbates the strain on resources and increases the negative environmental impact. At the production stage, food supply chains are long, […]

| Posted March 19, 2024

“Connecting Transformation Leaders Toward Greater Impact”

In this interview, CSCP Senior Project Manager and co-do lab Team Member, Mariana Nicolau speaks about the power of “collective intelligence” and explains how the co-do lab Pioneer Network provides a space for co-creating transformative solutions. The CSCP launched the co-do lab as a Wuppertal-based do tank that runs as a social business and aims to support organisations to accelerate transformation towards greater sustainability. What does it take to co-create and scale sustainable transformations? There are different ways of doing that, but at the co-do lab we are becoming increasingly convinced about the power of one approach: collective intelligence. It […]

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Collaborating to Transform Food Consumption Patterns: Join the LIKE-A-PRO Living Labs!

Current dietary patterns of European citizens are not in sync with sustainability and climate neutrality principles. This adds to pressing environmental, economic, and social challenges, including elevated health risks. Endeavours to alter the trend and shift toward healthier and more sustainable diets are not broad enough and often too slow-paced. On a production level, the market share of sustainable food products remains small. On a consumer level, the prevailing intention-action gap means consumer awareness does not always translate into real action. The EU-funded project LIKE-A-PRO aims to support the transformation of our food system by focusing on and exploiting the […]

| Posted March 18, 2024

How Our CE-RISE Project is Supporting the European Circular Economy Plan

Over the long period of the industrial age, economic growth has been largely dependent on the extraction and processing of raw materials. Fast forward to today, we face a time when the need to decouple economic growth from resource use and in ways that do not exacerbate climate change has never been more urgent. The European Commission has set a milestone in global policy to combat climate change with its Circular Economy Action Plan. The CE-RISE project is a case in point how European objectives and policies can be implemented in practice and what targeted collaboration among stakeholders from different sectors can […]

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Navigating Pathogen Emergencies: Field Experiences and Policy Perspectives from our PathoCERT Project

As the PathoCERT project draws to a close, project partners and involved stakeholders came together at the third and last European Community of Practice event “Navigating Waterborne Pathogen Emergencies with PathoCERT’s Policy Perspectives and Field Experiences”. The event focused on distilling lessons learned from the project’s engagement approach and pilot activities and translating them into policy recommendations that will actively support the widespread adoption of PathoCERT’s pioneering solutions. PathoCERT project partners, UCY, KWR, HRT and EYATH and two related projects, ULTIMATE and WATERMINING shared insights on how learnings across the water sector, gathered through the communities of practice (CoPs), can […]

| Posted March 15, 2024

Our KochCup Project Awards Winning Recipes!

After months of local and regional cooking competitions between young chefs, on 11 March 2024 our KochCup project awarded the three winning recipes at the competition’s final in Berlin, Germany. The criteria for the winning dishes were clear: on top of providing an unforgettable culinary experience they had to be seasonal, regional, and resource-efficient. Moreover, through their dishes young chefs aimed at sparking inspiration toward healthier and more sustainable food in the realm of sports and beyond. The 12 healthiest, tastiest and most environmentally-friendly dishes prevailed in four regional competitions and qualified for the final. The three winning recipes reflected […]

| Posted March 14, 2024

Enhancing the Circular Economy of Plastic Packaging: Join our MERLIN Project Webinar on 27 March 2024!

Multi-layer packaging offers many advantages when it comes to product protection, storage, and transportation. However, due to the variety of materials and adhesive compounds used, its recycling remains challenging. As a consequence, it often contaminates recycling material streams and is incinerated or landfilled. In our MERLIN project webinar on 27 March 2024, project partners, involved stakeholders, and topic experts will come together to discuss good practices in circular packaging design, material recovery, consumer awareness, and relevant policy aspects – join us! A key objective of the MERLIN project is to facilitate knowledge sharing among key stakeholders toward increasing the rate […]