UBi Project at “Woche der Umwelt” 2024: Celebrating Biodiversity and Innovation

How can businesses thrive while protecting the environment? At the “Woche der Umwelt” 2024 in Berlin, Germany, the UBi project revealed how integrating biodiversity into corporate strategies drives both sustainability and economic success.

The event, which took place at Schloss Bellevue in Berlin, Germany in early June 2024 was hosted by the German Federal President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier and the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) and brought together stakeholders from science, business, politics, and civil society to explore sustainable solutions and foster collaboration.

Over the two days of the event, the UBi project stand became a hub for enlightening discussions on the intersection between biodiversity and economic success. The project team engaged with many visitors, highlighting the importance of conserving natural habitats, the benefits of sustainable supply chains, and the role of corporate strategies in supporting environmental health.

Key sessions at the event, such as “Bye Bye Species Extinction – Securing Food and Nature” and “Results from Research and Practice on Promoting Biodiversity in Agriculture”, provided participants with critical knowledge and inspired practical action. These discussions underlined the urgency of addressing biodiversity loss and demonstrated the innovative solutions companies can adopt to make a positive contribution to the environment.

The UBi project presented two lighthouse projects, “Food for Biodiversity” and “Near-Natural Company Premises”, which illustrate how integrating biodiversity can lead to robust and resilient business models. These projects exemplify how companies can not only protect biodiversity but also improve their market position through sustainable practices.

The UBi team also connected with experts, other exhibitors, and interested individuals committed to environmental and biodiversity issues. This exchange of ideas and experiences is essential to promote a collaborative approach to sustainability challenges and opportunities. Visitors were also informed about biodiversity checks, which offer companies an introduction to the topic of biodiversity and the opportunity to implement initial measures in this area.

Alexander Mannweiler, project manager of UBi at the CSCP, emphasized: “Our engagement at this event underscores the vital role of biodiversity in driving economic success”.

For additional details on UBi, please visit the project’s website.

The UBi: Business & Biodiversity is a joint project of five partners committed to biodiversity in the economy: Biodiversity in Good Company Initiative, Bodensee-Stiftung, DIHK Service GmbH, Global Nature Fund and the CSCP.

UBi is funded within the German Federal Programme for Biological Diversity by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV).

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