Call for Innovation: Let’s Crowdsource Solutions that Foster Circular Behaviours!

How can we improve take-back schemes in order to motivate consumers to return their old electronics to the right collection points? How can behaviour change interventions support consumers in exercising their right to repair? What are the best ways to enable consumers in choosing repairable electronics? Are you aware of ideas or innovative solutions in addressing these questions? Get in touch with us and let’s foster circular behaviours together!

Electronics have become an indispensable part of people’s lives. Each European generates about 16.6kg e-waste per year, from which less than 40% is recycled*. Carbon emissions, resource depletion, and social implications are among the impacts. You can become a part the solution by supporting the Consumer Insight Action Panel (CIAP) in finding out which solutions support consumers to behave in more circular – and ultimately – sustainable ways.

How can you get involved?

CIAP’s work has been organised in sector-focused clubs. The Electronics Club consists of a group of high-level stakeholders dedicated to exchanging knowledge, benchmarking existing solutions, prototyping and testing behaviour change interventions, and leading the sector when it comes to fostering circular behaviours. The stakeholders include business, start-ups, NGOs, researchers and European policy makers. You can find more details about the clubs here.

The Electronics Club focuses on exploring ways to engage consumers more effectively in the transition towards more circularity and test behaviourally-informed approaches in retail stores, through online shopping, in neighbourhoods and households. The Electronics Club will focus on two main behaviour challenges with regards to the use of smartphones and tablets: take-back and repairing.

Have you or your organisation researched, developed or tested an innovation that helped boost either of these behaviours? Are you aware of existing innovative solutions that might be helpful, be it a new or improved product, service, business model innovation, campaign, initiative, messaging or nudge? Then get in touch with us!

Share your information on innovative solutions by contacting our consumer insights team at until 31 January 2021 with the reference ‘Call for Innovation’!

In your email, please:

  • describe the innovation in a few lines,
  • highlight if it has been useful for supporting “take-back” or “repair” behaviours for smart phones and tablets, and
  • include evidence that describes how it has been successful

Most promising innovations will be analysed by the CIAP team and referenced in the project report and results.

The Consumer Insight Action Panel (CIAP) mobilises and supports frontrunners in advancing the integration of consumer behaviour in all circular economy endeavours. To do that, CIAP connects circular production to consumption, going deeper into understanding the consumer behavioural challenges of the circular transition and unlocking the practical applications of behavioural insights to enable more circularity.

For further information, please contact Mariana Nicolau.

Photo by Kilian Seile on Unsplash Unsplash


*EC, 2020