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| Posted March 22, 2023

How Civil Society Can Support Social Cohesion in the Urban Transformation

Beyond personal choice, who we socialise with is often conditioned by aspects such as language, culture, income, and structures of our daily life. To avoid fragmentation and support social cohesion it is necessary to build bridges between different groups in society. Our project UrbanUp has explored ways how civil society actors such as neighbourhood initiatives […]

| Posted March 21, 2023

Did You Miss Our Workshop “Accelerating Circular Behaviours: How Can Digitalisation Help Us?” – Watch the Recording Now!

Are you a business trying to come up with a product-as-a-service business model or looking for ways to engage your consumers to return old products? Are you keen on collaborating with other stakeholders that can support you address challenges and find solutions? At our workshop “Accelerating Circular Behaviours: How Can Digitalisation Help Us?” as part […]

| Posted March 21, 2023

“It is our Task to Face Social and Environmental Needs Responsibly!” – Interview with Senior Project Manager Victoria Funk

Victoria Funk is passionate about empowering businesses and supporting them on their transformation journey toward a sustainable future. In her new role as a CSCP Senior Project Manager, she brings on board years of experience in leading large interdisciplinary global projects in the context of digital transformation and business development. Get to know her in […]

| Posted March 21, 2023

Meet Us at the Civil Society Conference on Sustainability Policy in NRW on 24 March 2023!

Between insights, strategy, and legal and regulatory frameworks, pressure is mounting for an action-oriented sustainability policy in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), Germany. On 24 March 2023, civil society representatives from the NRW Civil Society Forum on Sustainability will provide topic-specific insights into current sustainability policy after more than 250 days of the governing […]

| Posted March 20, 2023

“We Can Turn Digitalisation into a Key Driver for Sustainable Business!” – Interview with Senior Consultant Milon Gupta

Milon Gupta has joined the CSCP as a Senior Consultant with a focus on the twin sustainable digital transformation. In this interview, he shares his thoughts on the potential of this transformation toward a circular and regenerative economy. How does your past experience relate to the work we do at the CSCP? For more than […]

| Posted March 16, 2023

The Handbook Presents Formats & Tools for the Sustainable Digital Transformation in SMEs

As a mega trend of our time, digitalisation is a topic that companies cannot afford to avoid: whether it is a matter of implementing Circular Economy, designing modern working environments or developing completely new business models. At the same time, all these fields of action can be powerful means toward greater social and environmental sustainability. […]

| Posted March 15, 2023

The First Round of our sustainable.circular Programme Wraps Up Successfully: Join our Webinar on 29 March 2023 for Key Learnings!

The first round of our sustainable.circular programme, funded by the German Federal Environment Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt – DBU), aims at German small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). To support them undergo major transformations seamlessly, the programme develops practice-relevant catalogues and checklists for management tools, training formats with a focus on skills, and overall capacity building […]

| Posted March 9, 2023

The PSLifestyle Project Will Launch Final Citizen Lab Meetings in 8 European Countries!

To support citizens in measuring and reducing their ecological impact, our PSLifestyle project has been working on an easy-to-use and solution-oriented tool. The PSL tool, which will be introduced to the public in late spring 2023, is in the final development rounds and will enable citizens across Europe to take up more sustainable lifestyles through […]

| Posted March 8, 2023

Alternative Proteins: Could They Be a Driver Toward Healthier and More Sustainable Diets?

In the last few years, the attention toward alternative protein products has been on the rise. This leads to important questions such as, what is their impact on human health, what needs to be done to promote a higher market share of such products, and most importantly, how could alternative proteins be a driver toward […]

| Posted March 7, 2023

New Report Presents Circular Economy Practices Across European Cities

Several European cities are taking great steps to support the transition to a Circular Economy. The recently-launched Circular Cities Declaration (CCD) report collects and celebrates these efforts. From a Circular Economy strategy in Maribor and community composting initiatives in Budapest to Haarlem’s aim to procure only circular products and services by 2030, the report present […]