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| Posted June 5, 2023

Enhancing Sustainable Tourism Practices in Central Asia

Known for its vast mountains and beautiful landscapes, Kyrgyzstan is a major destination in Central Asia for nature-lovers from around the globe. While tourism is a strong economic pillar of the country, it comes with trade-offs such as resource depletion and pollution. Through the EU Switch-Asia project PERETO, we are engaging with Kyrgyz national and […]

| Posted June 1, 2023

How Our SteamBioAfrica Project is Supporting Clean and Secure Energy in Africa

Energy is essential in our everyday lives. However, peaking energy prices have increased levels of energy poverty and insecurity for many communities around the globe. The situation is particularity dire in sub-Saharan Africa. In countries like South Africa, 47% of the households face energy poverty, spending as much as 27% of their income on energy*. […]

| Posted May 30, 2023

Supporting Communities to Become Resilient Through Better Crisis Management

Imagine developing innovative solutions to tackle emergency situations, but when it comes to their implementation a series of practical challenges emerge. How best to account for the uptake and mainstreaming of effective novel technologies by the key actors who will be using them? The PathoCERT project, through its pilot cases and multi-stakeholder engagement processes, tackles […]

| Posted May 24, 2023

Our REIF Project: How Artificial Intelligence Can Save Food

The complexity of the food industry has so far been a hurdle to food waste reduction. On the positive side, due to this complexity, the food industry generates an above-average amount of data that can now be harnessed through disruptive approaches such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Through the digital marketplace, the REIF project wants to […]

| Posted May 23, 2023

“Bridging the Sustainability Skills Gap” – Meet Us at the EU Green Week on 8 June 2023 in Brussels!

Digitalisation holds great potential in helping industries to accelerate their decarbonisation journeys. A digital and future-oriented economy can enable Europe to strengthen its industrial position while driving climate neutrality. However, this ambition is strongly linked to the urgency of upskilling and reskilling EU citizens through a mix of policy interventions and industry solutions. The EU […]

| Posted May 11, 2023

Toward a Carbon Neutral Future: Join the Urban-Zero Festival on 13 May 2023 in Duisburg!

How can a zero-waste, carbon-neutral city district look like? How might relevant actors come together and create positive impact? At the Urban Zero-Festival, the municipal enterprise Duisburg will showcase ideas connected to zero-waste and discuss them with the participants. Don’t miss the festival on 13 May 2023! The festival is the starting point of the […]

| Posted May 11, 2023

Renewable Material of the Year 2023

Global demand for embedded carbon (the carbon in molecules) is expected to increase significantly by 2050. Today, the vast majority of embedded carbon comes from fossil feedstocks, including oil, natural gas and coal. To achieve a fully de-fossilised economy, this demand must be met exclusively by renewable carbon sources, such as biomass. The Renewable Materials […]

| Posted May 4, 2023

Sustainable Recipes Wanted: Our KochCUP Project Competition Is Launched!

Beyond competition on the field, sports like football are a powerful way to change things for the better on a larger scale. Our KochCup project wants to capitalise on the popularity of the 17th men’s UEFA Football Championship (EURO 2024) to raise awareness and mainstream environmentally-friendly food. How? Through organising a competition of sustainable recipes […]

| Posted May 2, 2023

Circular Economy: What’s in It for SMEs? – Listen to Our WertNetzWerke Podcast!

Circular Economy, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and digital tools offer companies vast opportunities to make their value chains more sustainable and resilient for the future. Through webinars, workshops, and trainings, our WertNetzWerke project is supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to make such aspects an integral part of their business. In this new podcast, CSCP Project […]

| Posted April 20, 2023

Join Our Event at the World Circular Economy Forum on 11 May 2023: Headache Fractions in Mixed Municipal Waste!

Many consumer products pose significant waste management challenges and end up in landfills or incinerators after the use phase. From Circular Economy and waste management perspectives, such products can be considered ‘headaches’ when it comes to recycling and reducing residual municipal waste. At the workshop ‘Headache fractions in mixed municipal waste’, organised as a side […]