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| Posted December 1, 2022

The ROOTS Policy Initiative: Circular Policies to Change the Biowaste System

Innovative approaches such as circular biobased value chains are only useful if they can be successfully implemented. The CSCP is working intensively toward enabling such practices. A key part of this is shaping legislation and informing policy makers. The HOOP and SCALIBUR projects as well as three other projects working on urban circular bioeconomies have […]

| Posted November 29, 2022

PSLifestyle Living Labs Engage Europeans in 8 Pilot Countries Toward Sustainable Lifestyles

Establishing more sustainable habits that both fit one’s context and have a high positive impact is not always a simple process. It becomes even more complex when trying to turn such habits into lasting ones. Our PSLifestyle project is working with citizens in 8 European pilot countries to gather insights on what actions fit into […]

| Posted November 24, 2022 Highlights: Staying Sustainable in Times of Crisis Through Digitalisation

In October 2022, the North-Rhein Westphalian (NRW) state-wide Centre for Business and Digital Responsibility, invited entrepreneurs and representatives from business, politics and civil society to the Design Offices Düsseldorf to discuss how sustainable digitalisation can enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in NRW to position themselves for the future, even in times of crisis. […]

| Posted November 23, 2022

A Space to Promote Sustainability: The Gläserne Werkstatt in Solingen Opens its Doors

After a two-year long period of collaboration, the Gläserne Werkstatt in Solingen opened its doors to the public in October 2022. As a place for quality and sustainability in the Bergisches Städtedreieck, the Gläserne Werkstatt stands for regionality, innovative thinking of new products and processes, and for networking that opens up new paths. The Gläserne […]

| Posted November 22, 2022

Ten Central and Eastern European Countries Will Work on Bioeconomy Strategies in Our New CEE2ACT Project

A key pathway to achieving climate neutrality is through the bioeconomy. However, despite having a large biomass resource base as well as bioeconomy potential, many countries, including ones in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) still do not have a national bioeconomy strategy or action plan. To address this, in September 2022 representatives of 17 organisations […]

| Posted November 16, 2022

The CSCP at the Circular Valley Forum: Communication is Key to Circularity

On 18 November 2022, 600 decision makers will come together at the Circular Valley Forum in Wuppertal’s Historic Town Hall to address a leading question of our time: How can we manage the transformation from a linear to a Circular Economy? Given the paramount potential of Circular Economy to mitigate climate change, protect and preserve […]

| Posted November 15, 2022

From Fostering Dialogue to Capacity Building: Supporting Kyrgyzstan’s Efforts Toward Sustainable Tourism

Kyrgyzstan is home to large regions of snow-peaked mountains, natural springs and rich forests. Every year, millions of tourists come to visit the country and experience its natural scenery and nomadic lifestyles. The tourism sector in Kyrgyzstan plays an important role in the overall economic development, however its environmental footprint remains a concerning issue. To […]

| Posted November 10, 2022

Our New Project KochCup Will Inspire Trainee Chefs to Create Healthy and Sustainable Meals

The far-reaching effects of our diets and food production on the climate and biodiversity through land, resource and water consumption are a call on all relevant actors to take action and make environmentally-friendly food available and accessible to everyone. International football tournaments enjoy great social and media attention in Germany and across Europe, offering an […]

| Posted November 8, 2022

BOOM Receives the National UNESCO Award “Education for Sustainable Development”!

Launched in 2019, our BOOM holiday camps offered participants a unique opportunity to explore the jobs of the future and get insights into societal challenges, consumption trends, and ways to more sustainable lifestyles. Through the BOOM camps, teenagers and young adults had the chance to discover their strengths and be empowered to face the future […]

| Posted November 8, 2022

The LIKE A PRO Project Kicks Off: Mainstreaming Alternative Protein Products Across Europe

Europeans have never been more interested in alternative protein foods*. Such pull is an excellent opportunity to shift toward more sustainable diets, in line with the European Green Deal and the Farm to Fork Strategy. Despite increasing interest on more sustainable alternatives, animal-based products still make up for almost 70% of the Europeans’ protein intake, […]