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| Posted June 13, 2024

Tools to Tackle Consumer Food Waste from the European Consumer Food Waste Forum

More than half of all food waste in Europe is caused by households*. This is mainly leftovers or wasted food due to inadequate meal planning or improper storage. In June 2024, Nora Brüggemann and Rosalyn Old from CSCP attended the “Let’s reduce consumer food waste!” conference at the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium, to share […]

| Posted June 4, 2024

Supporting Central and Eastern European Countries to Shape Bioeconomy Strategies

Involving all actors through an open and collaborative approach is key in fostering the adoption of bioeconomy strategies on a national level. Our CEE2ACT project tackles knowledge gaps and challenges related to such processes to facilitate better engagement and interconnection among actors across sectors and industries. As part of the project, ten Central and Eastern […]

| Posted May 29, 2024

Meet Us at the World Summit on Circular Economy in Córdoba from 13 to 15 June 2024!

As a system in which materials stay in the loop instead of becoming waste, Circular Economy has the potential to mitigate climate change, reduce pollution, and regenerate nature. For the fourth time, the city of Córdoba in Argentina will bring together actors from the private, public, and academic sector to discuss and chart future action […]

| Posted May 27, 2024

Renewable Material of the Year 2024

Chemicals and materials based on biomass, carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) or chemical recycling are sustainable alternatives to fossil-based chemicals and materials. For the third year in a row, the Renewable Materials Conference showcases and honours innovative and promising solutions in the field of renewable materials. Three bio-based innovations from Germany and Sweden, two CCU […]

| Posted May 23, 2024

The UBi Dialogue Forum 2024: Charting Sustainable Futures

How can businesses harness the economic power of biodiversity to address both environmental and economic challenges? Join us at the UBi Dialogue Forum 2024 on 11 June in Berlin, where industry leaders will come together to discuss how to shape a sustainable future through innovative practices and interdisciplinary collaboration. Biodiversity, often underrated as an economic […]

| Posted May 14, 2024

The “bergisch.kompetenz” Project Kicks-Off: Enabling the Circular Transformation of the Metal and Tools Industry

What will metal processing industries look like in the future? How can they become more circular and sustainable? What do small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in this sector need in order to lead successful transformation processes? These and other sector-relevant aspects are at the core of our new project, “bergisch.kompetenz”, which launched in May 2024 […]

| Posted May 6, 2024

How to Advance the Circular Behaviours that Really Matter? Register Now to Join Our #EUCircularTalk on 8 May 2024!

What are the missing pieces in the puzzle in order to make circularity the norm among consumers in Europe? What can successful circular economy citizen engagement initiatives teach us with regards to effective ways to advance the circular behaviours that really matter? At the #EUCircularTalk: How to advance the circular behaviours that really matter, taking […]

| Posted April 23, 2024

Unlocking the Potential of Circular Economy Policies in the Western Balkans

The circular economy is a key lever to reduce the environmental and climate impact of current global consumption and production systems. To enable a smooth and inclusive transition, it is important to ensure that all European countries have the necessary expertise on the scope and potential of the circular economy. Our project Capacity Building on […]

| Posted April 15, 2024

Join our WertNetzWerke Field Trip to the Circular Digital Economy Lab and the FabLab in Bottrop on 13 May 2024!

Looking for hands-on inspiration on how you and your organisation can embrace the transformation to sustainable digitalisation and circular value creation? Join our Digital Centre WertNetzWerke field trip to the Circular Digital Economy Lab and the FabLab in Bottrop, Germany where the recycling of materials is taken to the next level. The Circular Digital Economy […]

| Posted April 12, 2024

Making Sustainable Lifestyles the Norm with the Lifestyle Test

Europeans are increasingly paying attention to sustainability and its integration into their lifestyles. However, it happens all too often that people are not fully aware of or underestimate the actual impact of their individual action. In other cases, it is not clear what is actually possible within a given context or how to get started. […]