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| Posted August 10, 2022

How Office Space Impacts Performance – Join Our Business Field Trip on 24 August 2022!

Connected, agile, smart, innovative and a with great view – this is what sets out “The Ship”, a state-of-the-art office building in Cologne, Germany. On 24 August 2022, with our Competence centre eStandards and projects we will visit the building to learn first-hand how the office environment can influence performance and enable teams to […]

| Posted August 1, 2022

Playing for a Good Life: How a Card Game Can Prompt Citizen Engagement

In June 2022, the Healthy Austria Fund (Fonds Gesundes Österreich – FGÖ) held the 24th Austrian Health Promotion Conference as a hybrid event in Linz with the theme Promote Health – Protect the Climate. The CSCP, as part of the PSLifestyle project, was invited to contribute to the conference with a workshop on the topic […]

| Posted July 27, 2022

Enabling Sustainable Tourism Through Green Finance

Tourism is high on the list of sectors severely affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Leveraging sustainable investments can help rethink tourism and enhance its positive impact on people and the planet in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In Mauritius, the financial sector can play a central role in the transition to a low-carbon, […]

| Posted July 12, 2022

Our Club Model: Engaging Stakeholders in the Transition to a Circular Economy

Collaboration and communication are key for a successful transition to a more circular economy. Often, however, these social dimensions are overlooked. But how can we guide and enable collaboration? How can all stakeholder groups be integrated into these transition processes? We have created a stakeholder Club model to answer to these challenges. The CSCP’s Club […]

| Posted July 6, 2022

How to Engage and Co-create With Citizens: Read About It in the PSlifestyle Project’s 3 New Publications

The willingness of citizens to behave sustainably is greater today than ever before. However, although 72% of European consumers say they want to buy more sustainable products, only 17% actually do so*. This shows a clear gap between intention and actual behaviour. Several factors contribute to this, such as the challenge of identifying the actions […]

| Posted June 30, 2022

Mongolia’s Transition Toward Sustainable Fibres and Textiles – Meet us at the Première Vision Exhibition in Paris from 5 to 7 July 2022!

As a global leader in high quality natural fibres, the Mongolian wool and cashmere sector is a pillar of the country’s economy. Within the CSCP’s STeP-EcoLab project we worked closely with relevant local actors to improve the sustainability of Mongolian fibres and textiles and to make such improvements visible to European consumers. Highlights from our […]

| Posted June 22, 2022

Communication Can Create New Mental Images

Ellen has over twenty years of experience in international communication and marketing. At the CSCP, she is using this experience to support a better understanding and action for biodiversity in businesses. Understanding how everything is connected leads to the right actions. She uses storytelling to make complex content tangible and understandable. How did you come […]

| Posted June 22, 2022

Our PSLifestyle Project Holds First Living Labs in Wuppertal and 7 Other European Pilot Cities

More plant-based food, cycling rather than driving, less air travel – the standard approaches for more sustainable everyday behaviours are familiar to many of us. But which actions really help to reduce our individual environmental footprint and how can we further align those to our diverse lifestyles. Moreover, how can we reconcile the pursuit of […]

| Posted June 22, 2022

How Can Companies Integrate Biodiversity in Their Strategy in Challenging Times?

How can companies successfully integrate biodiversity in their strategies, especially in times of change? This was the leading question at our first Dialogue Forum of the project UBi: Business & Biodiversity (Unternehmen Biologische Vielfalt) with around 200 participants from fields such as businesses and their associations, nature conservation, science, and politics. During the Dialogue Forum, […]

| Posted June 21, 2022

“Behaviour Change Is the Single Most Important Driver of Sustainability!”

After more than 10 years of experience in consulting and client relationship management, Nadine Pörschke has joined the CSCP as a Project Manager. Read why she thinks changing behaviours can be the most important lever in driving the sustainability agenda forward! Now you are part of the CSCP – what’s the story behind it? It […]