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| Posted December 3, 2021

Biowaste Clubs Across Europe Bring Stakeholders Together to Upcycle Urban Biowaste

As part of our HOOP project, eight lighthouse cities and regions are blazing the trail in Europe by creating Biowaste Clubs that seek to create high value-added products from urban biowaste. Tackling the challenges created by urban biowaste is a monumental task – and not one that can be solved by municipalities alone. Facilitated and […]

| Posted December 2, 2021

How a Circularity Lab Can Inspire and Boost Sustainable Tourism in Vietnam

With its pristine beaches, Buddhist pagodas, and vibrant cities, Vietnam has turned into a leading tourist destination, with the tourism sector becoming one of the country’s economic pillars. In 2019 the number of international arrivals skyrocketed to 18 million compared to only around 2 million in 2000*. Data from 2019 also suggests that tourism accounted […]

| Posted December 2, 2021

Listen to our Latest Academy of Change Podcast: Behaviour Change Projects in Action

What does it take to implement behaviour change interventions in different contexts? For example, how does an intervention to promote shorter showers differ from one focused on boosting e-bike use? What can be learnt from one or the other? In this Academy of Change special podcast, listen to our discussion with the Catalyst project leads, […]

| Posted November 25, 2021

The PSLifestyle Project Kicks Off: Co-creating a Sustainable Lifestyle Tool With and For 4 Million European Citizens

72 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are the result of our daily life choices*. From how we live, choose to travel or what we put on the table – every action we take has an impact on the environment. But this also means that there is a huge potential to drive positive […]

| Posted November 23, 2021

The SCALIBUR Project Publishes Manuals for Stakeholder Engagement in the Urban Biowaste Value Chain

When it comes to bio-waste valorisation, from sorting and collection up to its conversion into value-added products, close collaboration between relevant actors is the key to success. Our SCALIBUR project highlights the importance of multi-stakeholder processes by sharing experiences and learnings from three European cities in a recently-published series of manuals. Over 100 million tonnes […]

| Posted November 23, 2021

The “Sustainable Digitalisation 2.0” Conference: What SMEs Can Do to Lead Positive Change

In times like these – with an ongoing pandemic, the pressing challenge of climate change, and new standards stemming from the EU Green Deal – small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have to top-up their efforts in order to stay competitive. Our joint and Competence Centre eStandards online conference “Sustainable Digitalisation 2.0” put the focus […]

| Posted November 16, 2021

Pakistani Financial Institutions Get Trained on Green Financing Risk Mitigation

Financial institutions in Pakistan often face challenges when it comes to properly assessing and addressing the risks of green technology investments. The lack of knowledge, skills and training on the appropriate instruments to mitigate the risks of transactions often hinder them from financing such projects altogether. A recent CSCP training as part the Sugar REET […]

| Posted November 11, 2021

Did You Miss our EU Circular Talk on Consumer Electronics? Watch the Recording Now!

Consumer electronics waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams. Only 40% of this waste is recycled, let alone repaired or reused. What can policy makers, manufacturers, retailers and last but not least consumers do to stop this downward trend? In October, the CSCP co-hosted an EU CircularTalk on the topic of “Circular consumer […]

| Posted November 9, 2021

Aachen Signs the Circular Cities Declaration to Accelerate its Circular Transition

Some of the main challenges of our era, such as climate change, housing and mobility issues, ageing population, inequality and societal polarisation are especially palpable in cities. At the same time, cities have a huge innovation potential to tackle these challenges. In October 2021, the city of Aachen signed the Circular Cities Declaration, a major […]

| Posted November 3, 2021

weiter_wirken Publication: Knowledge and Tools for Successful Sustainability Projects

How can sustainability be communicated successfully, generate real action, and lead to positive impact? This is the focus of our training and networking programme, weiter_wirken. The recently published booklet “From Thinking to Acting – Knowledge and Tools for Sustainability Projects” summarises the central contents of the training, thus providing civil society organisations (CSOs) with suggestions […]