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| Posted December 7, 2023

The PathoCERT Project Invites Stakeholders to its Final Community of Practice Meeting in February 2024!

Over a period of three years, the PathoCERT project has developed user-friendly tools and technologies aimed at enhancing the awareness and coordination capabilities of first responders and key stakeholders within the command-and-control hierarchy during emergency waterborne pathogen contamination events. As the project draws to a close, a final European Community of Practice event will take […]

| Posted December 7, 2023

The UBi Biodiversity Awards Celebrate 10 Pioneer Businesses

The room in Berlin where the UBi Project Awards “The Supply Chain Lives” were announced in November 2023 was filled with biodiversity enthusiasts. An Ulm-based company that produces used clothing containers with green roofs where plants and insects happily co-exist and Berlin’s oldest blacksmith’s shop known for its lilac wood knife handles were among the […]

| Posted November 29, 2023

Engaging with Stakeholders and Building Capacities for Clean Energy in Southern Africa

The increase of both native and invasive woody species has been an ongoing challenge for countries across Southern Africa. Exacerbated by climate change, invasive bush outcompete other plants in the savanna ecosystem, overcrowding rangelands and competing with livestock for water. While this affects farmlands and rangelands in particular, it also poses threats to the environment, […]

| Posted November 29, 2023

10 National Bioeconomy Hubs Launched as Part of the CEE2ACT Project

To support the development of national bioeconomy strategies, 10 National Bioeconomy Hubs have been launched in countries across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) as part of the CEE2ACT project. The hubs will be key to fostering collaboration between different stakeholders as the involved countries take major steps towards a circular future. The CSCP guides the […]

| Posted November 20, 2023

Don’t Miss our CATALYST Event on 29 November 2023: How to Transform Businesses Towards Sustainability

What strategies and interdisciplinary solutions do companies need in order to rethink their traditional ways of doing business? How can new business models with a strong sustainability perspective help companies remain competitive, anticipate challenges, and turn them into opportunities? Moreover, what kind of skills are needed to make such a transformation happen? If you’re interested […]

| Posted November 2, 2023

Young Chefs From Across Germany Meet for Sustainable Cooking Competitions

Potato rösti with beetroot, rich and creamy hummus, and topped with apples and walnuts; pumpkin rye risotto; pierogi with sauerkraut and wild mushrooms – these are some of the dishes that young chefs from around Germany prepared as part of regional cooking competitions organised by our KochCup project. Running ahead of and during the European […]

| Posted October 31, 2023

Meet us at the CircularTech Forum in Cologne on 30 November 2023!

Faced with the urgency to make production and consumption more sustainable, major global players have been discussing for years how to increase supply chain transparency, strengthen accountability, and mainstream circular solutions. With the upcoming Digital Product Passport (DPP) the European Union is raising the bar: all product information, from material sourcing through to end-of-cycle recycling, […]

| Posted October 23, 2023

CSCP Executive Director Michael Kuhndt Discusses the Power of Collaborations: Listen to the Podcast Now!

Sustainability efforts, including Circular Economy ones, cannot be achieved alone – this is what drives us at the CSCP: to identify and enable collaborations that make it possible for actors to create innovative solutions that have a real impact. In this episode of the podcast “Now it’s happening – the future of Circular Economy” (Jetzt […]

| Posted September 25, 2023

From Circular Economy to Circular Society: Join Us at the Circular Society Forum on 28 September 2023!

When we think of Circular Economy, we predominantly mean circular production and, to a lesser extent, consumption. Often, this is tied to a narrow economic perspective. However, for Circular Economy to truly be used as a means to greater sustainability, we need to expand the concept beyond the purely economic realm and integrate social and […]

| Posted September 25, 2023

Join Our EU Circular Talk “Circular Procurement: Catalyst for Biodiversity and Climate Resilience” on 20 October 2023!

Climate change and biodiversity loss are major crises we face today. Circular procurement can contribute to mitigating climate change and preserving biodiversity through prioritising sustainable products and services. The European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP) Leadership Group on Circular Procurement and the Leadership Group on Biodiversity and Climate will bring together key stakeholders in an […]