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| Posted May 25, 2022

Join Us at the EU Green Week Panel Discussion: The ICT Sector in Action for Circular Economy on 31 May 2022!

Digital technologies are crucial to the EU sustainability agenda. In particular, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies have an important role to play in turning digital innovation into an endeavour that follows purpose and the solutions deriving thereof into enablers of the sustainable transformation. The action-oriented policy dialogue “Accelerating our sustainable futures through digital innovation“ […]

| Posted May 25, 2022

Citizen Science for Sustainability: Inspiration From 30 Innovative Initiatives

Sustainability does not work if actors embark on individual journeys. This is why citizen science as an approach that relies on the collective participation of communities and the public has been growing in popularity in recent years. It is a method of exploring and identifying important questions, collecting relevant data, and analysing it to lead […]

| Posted May 24, 2022

Our Sustainable Island Mauritius Project Receives Silver Award for Supporting Sustainable Tourism

Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, more tourists visited Mauritius yearly (around 1.3 million) than the island’s total population (1,26 million). For tourist operators, Mauritian authorities, and local communities, such growth is welcome, yet it raises important questions. How can the development of the tourism sector benefit the economy while reducing its footprint (resource depletion, emissions, […]

| Posted May 13, 2022

Our HOOP and SCALIBUR Projects Host the Circular Economy Week in Albano Laziale, Italy – Meet Us There From 17 to 20 May 2022!

With a share of 34%, biowaste is the largest single component of municipal waste in the EU. The recycling of biowaste is key for meeting the EU target to recycle 65% of municipal waste by 2035, containing a high potential for contributing to a circular economy, delivering valuable soil-improving material and fertilisers as well as […]

| Posted May 4, 2022

The Power of Multi-Stakeholder Engagement in Emergency Responses – Check Out Our PathoCERT Project Publications

Being prepared to effectively and timely react and operate in the occurrence of waterborne pathogen contamination events requires not only a set of tailored tools and technologies, but also effective coordination and collaboration among different stakeholder groups at the local, regional, and national level. The PathoCERT project is driving the development of novel and easy-to-use […]

| Posted April 7, 2022

Would You Like to Become a Changemaker Toward a Good Life for All? Join our Living Lab in Wuppertal!

A good life within the planetary boundaries primarily means identifying and leveraging the synergies between our personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet. Our PSLifestyle project is offering citizens in eight countries across Europe a platform to co-create and shape visions of the good life as well as design solutions to make such visions […]

| Posted March 28, 2022

Join Our EU Circular Talk “Together for Circular Packaging” on 5 April 2022!

Demands on packaging are increasing: it should be protective, stackable, informative but also practical, attractive and circular. To fulfil these requirements, consumers should be taken on board. That’s why understanding their behaviour is crucial, also in order to understand how behavioural challenges can be overcome. Through its German Packaging Club, the Consumer Insight Action Panel […]

| Posted March 28, 2022

“I Am Here to Challenge the Status Quo!”

Adriana has put years of research into analysing environmental discourses and how to turn them into policy and action, particularity in the context of her native Bolivia. As part of the CSCP, integrating social and environmental innovation in value chains and strengthening the resilience of local communities are her key focus. How did sustainability enter […]

| Posted March 24, 2022

“It is High Time to Make Biodiversity a Top Priority”

In his private life, he keeps bees to promote biodiversity. What can’t be done in the back yard, he takes to the work desk, where he engages with key stakeholders and leads collaborative processes to protect and preserve biodiversity. This is Frank Augustin, the new project manager at our Sustainable Infrastructure, Products and Services (SIPS) […]

| Posted March 24, 2022

How the PathoCERT Communities of Practice Are Connecting Stakeholders and Enabling Innovation

How do we enhance the operational capacities of first responders during outbreaks of waterborne diseases and how can we boost cross-country collaborations? Given the differences and complexities of existing emergency management systems, connecting key actors across and within countries is essential. Not only to guarantee a deeper understanding of challenges, needs and opportunities but also […]