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| Posted January 18, 2022

Join Our “Pro-long Electronics” Campaign and Get Actively Engaged in Cutting Down Emissions!

Extending the lifetime of electronic devices has become increasingly important as technological advancements are entering ever shorter innovation cycles. Using devices for longer periods of time saves emissions, valuable materials, and money. Do you own and still use an old device that might need a little upgrade? Let us know and you may profit repairing […]

| Posted December 23, 2021

Dubai Expo: Join us at the Circular Europe Days on 17 & 18 January 2022!

Electronic devices have become an integral part of our everyday life, making it more convenient in many dimensions. On the downside, landfills are full of old devices; the overexploitation of rare resources and the precarious labour conditions call for immediate action. Key European actors are collaborating in formats such as the European Circular Economy Stakeholder […]

| Posted December 21, 2021

Arrenbergstatt: How a Real-World-Lab Approach Can Foster Inclusion

When carrying sustainability projects or initiatives, diversity and inclusion are essential components for a holistic view on the problems and opportunities at hand. Often, the lack of knowledge about the habits and interests of certain groups is an entry-level barrier to their inclusion. Testing new approaches in real world laboratories can be a useful approach […]

| Posted December 8, 2021

11 Policy Recommendations to Engage Consumers in Closing Packaging Loops

Many consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the environmental impacts of (plastic) packaging. For just as many, the range of options between avoidance and recycling is a challenge. The scientific community as well as industry and non-governmental organisations are looking for ways to increase and optimise consumers involvement in packaging strategies. The cross-stakeholder German Club […]

| Posted December 8, 2021

Three Behaviour Change Interventions in Practice: A Report Series

The Academy of Change is an evidence-based capacity building programme on sustainable behaviour change designed for leaders working on climate change and sustainability engagement within the civil society organisations (CSO) sector. The Catalyst programme built upon AoC by accelerating the integration and use of sustainable behaviour change know-how within CSOs at the organisation level. The […]

| Posted December 8, 2021

The ETC/CE Project is Launched: Accelerating the Circular Transition in Europe

Due to unsustainable production and consumption practices and high resource depletion rates, the pressure on the environment is enormous. The Circular Economy holds great potential to support Europe’s transition toward a resource efficient, regenerative and climate neutral economy while maintaining its market competitiveness and social well-being. The EU has recognised the potential of Circular Economy […]

| Posted December 6, 2021

Hanna Perrin Joins the CSCP to “Enable Organisations in Becoming Part of the Regenerative Future”

Following over a decade-long career as project and change manager, Hanna Perrin has joined the CSCP aiming to challenge the status-quo and drive collaborations for systemic impact. Get to know Hanna in her own words! How did you come about joining the CSCP? After more than 10 years as a project and change manager for […]

| Posted December 3, 2021

Biowaste Clubs Across Europe Bring Stakeholders Together to Upcycle Urban Biowaste

As part of our HOOP project, eight lighthouse cities and regions are blazing the trail in Europe by creating Biowaste Clubs that seek to create high value-added products from urban biowaste. Tackling the challenges created by urban biowaste is a monumental task – and not one that can be solved by municipalities alone. Facilitated and […]

| Posted December 2, 2021

How a Circularity Lab Can Inspire and Boost Sustainable Tourism in Vietnam

With its pristine beaches, Buddhist pagodas, and vibrant cities, Vietnam has turned into a leading tourist destination, with the tourism sector becoming one of the country’s economic pillars. In 2019 the number of international arrivals skyrocketed to 18 million compared to only around 2 million in 2000*. Data from 2019 also suggests that tourism accounted […]

| Posted December 2, 2021

Listen to our Latest Academy of Change Podcast: Behaviour Change Projects in Action

What does it take to implement behaviour change interventions in different contexts? For example, how does an intervention to promote shorter showers differ from one focused on boosting e-bike use? What can be learnt from one or the other? In this Academy of Change special podcast, listen to our discussion with the Catalyst project leads, […]