Packaging Evaluation Tool for Deutsches Milchkontor

The CSCP Develops Evaluation Tool for the Sustainability Effects of Dairy Packaging

The future of packaging is a new priority topic not only in the food sector. Consumers become aware of the negative effects of packaging especially at the end-of-life phase and often turn to companies to take responsibility for developing sustainable and consumer-friendly solutions. Regulations are also changing rapidly, especially regulations on waste reduction, with demands for sustainable end-of-life solutions.

The issue of packaging increased in complexity over time, as product safety and convenience to customers and retailers became central aspects.

The CSCP supports Deutsches Milchkontor (DMK) in finding the right approach in order to meet the environmental and regulatory requirements while taking into account the different stakeholders perspectives at the same time.

During the project, we develop a structured understanding of the topic and conduct an in-depth analysis of the hotspots along the whole packaging life cycle from a sustainability perspective. The analysis addresses the trends and needs in packaging from the perspectives of all stakeholder groups (producer, customer, retailer, waste industry and NGO’s). This results in a user-friendly tool for the evaluation of packaging concepts, which takes into account environmental and social hotspots over the whole life cycle. The tool is developed in close alignment with the needs of DMK to insure highest potential benefits for the company.The tool gives a profound basis and guidance to achieve the highest sustainability performance in packaging in line with the company’s strategy goals.