Day of the Good Life

Citizens Reclaiming and Designing Public Space

What are the main ingredients for a ‘good life’ and how can we make cities the place where a good life is possible? What would happen if there were enough platforms for all the ideas that citizens have about their neighbourhoods, districts, and cities? Moreover, how to best empower and enable citizens to take an active role in designing public spaces that reflect their needs and are sustainable and inclusive?

The project ‘Day of the Good Life’ in Wuppertal offers one such framework for citizens as well as actors from civil society, business, culture, politics and administration to come together in fostering a movement for a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable city.

An increasing number of initiatives are active in the city of Wuppertal, focusing on goals such as climate protection, sustainable energy supply and better mobility, community engagement, regional food supply, and integration and social interaction. The Day of the Good Life project wants to galvanise this activism and take it one step further towards making the city a sustainable and fair home for everyone. The project also aims to make civic initiatives more visible and tangible in the Wuppertal’s urban community.

As a project partner, the CSCP will draw on its core expertise in sustainable lifestyles and project design to contribute to making the vision of a good life a reality in the city of Wuppertal. The CSCP is also keen on leveraging local initiatives and citizen’s engagement towards implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at a local level.

During visioning workshops in several neighbourhoods in Wuppertal, citizens will create their ideal quarter. This vision will be creatively brought to life as a prototype, supported by local artists. At the same time, citizen engagement strategies will motivate neighbours in the Ostersbaum quarter, where the Day of Good Life will take place, to shape their environment. Regular network meetings involving diverse actors will develop ideas for how a city should look like in order to enable the good life.

The event ‘Day of Good Life’ will take place on 20 June, 2021 at the Platz der Republik in Wuppertal-Ostersbaum. Streets will be car-free and citizens as well as initiatives will enliven the square and the surrounding area with a variety of interactive programmes. The visions, ideas, and concrete suggestions stemming out of the event will be communicated to local political decision-makers in order to inform and guide a sustainable city-planning process.

Everyone is welcome to take part in the Day of the Good Life and creatively transform their surroundings for the occasion. Mark the date 20 June 2021 and get involved in the activities leading to the event. To not miss any of our activities sign up for our

The Day of the Good Life is a joint project of the CSCP and its partners, the Nachbarschaftsheim Wuppertal e.V., Idealwerk and the FSI Forum für Soziale Innovation gGmbH. The project is funded by the Stiftung Umwelt und Entwicklung NRW.

For further information, please contact Alexandra Kessler.