Policy Brief on European Policies for a Circular Bioeconomy

Following the European Green Deal and its Circular Economy Action Plan, many policy frameworks, strategies and action plans have been adapted both on European and on national and regional levels in the EU Member States. While many of these policies are ambitious and are already piloting and up-scaling promising initiatives, there are still many challenges when it comes to developing a truly circular European bioeconomy. A vast amount of work has been carried out on assessing and comparing the various European and national legal frameworks and suggesting policy changes and new pathways and solutions. Building on this extensive existing work, the present policy brief provides a different perspective: starting with a short overview of the work carried out by the SCALIBUR sister-projects VALUEWASTE and WAYSTUP and then by complementing their insights within the SCALIBUR objectives and perspective. The report brings together key outcomes of those three projects – which has also contributed to the ROOTS policy initiative – and the additional key learnings derived by following projects, namely HOOP and CITYLOOPS.