BOOM Scrapbook

In the period from 2020 to 2022, the BOOM holiday camps introduced teenagers and young adults to craft professions in the context of sustainable development. The aim was to show young people that every job can be done “sustainably” and has the potential to integrate sustainable action. The project consisted of 6-day holiday camps with up to 40 participants in the age groups 14-17 years and 17-24 years.

With the help of the BOOM Scrapbook (in German), the participants were invited to visualise and discuss their experiences, questions, and thoughts about their future careers in a creative way. The scrapbook contains spreadsheets for the workshops, guidance for reflecting the camp experiences as well as information about sustainable behaviour and job orientation.

This document is a reading sample, showing example pages from each chapter. You can receive the full copy of the scrapbook upon request at