Reducing Food Waste in Wholesale and Retail. A Collection of Case Studies.

This collection of case studies is an exemplary analysis and illustration of individual food waste reduction measures implemented by companies participating in the Dialogue Forum for Wholesale and Retail for the reduction of food waste in Germany. The aim of this collection of case studies is to give insights into the various activities of the forum members to further contribute to the reduction of food waste. By creating visibility for single activities, imitation should be inspired and the exchange of experiences fostered. Each case starts by illuminating the problem to be solved and then presents the implementation of the chosen measure, its results, and the company’s thoughts for the future. Overview boxes on the first page of each case study allow a quick first impression. Within the four chapters, the activities are sorted alphabetically by the implementing company. The report is in German.

An overview of the engagement of the companies as a group will be included in the final report of the dialogue forum.