Charta Sustainable Digitalisation

The Charta offers orientation for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to proactively engage and thrive in the twin sustainable-digital transformation. The document focuses on the most important fields of action at the intersection of sustainability and digitalisation and explores them from the SME perspective. The Charta is a starting point for SME leaders to identify challenges and opportunities based on their business’ profile and set a course of action based on their individual strengths, experiences and ambitions.

In its current stage, the Charta 1.0 is a cumulative document comprising three core elements:

  • The Principles, which provide a principle-based orientation for shaping sustainable digitalisation in and by SMEs.
  • The Fields of Action, which provide the minimum scope for a company-specific materiality assessment.
  • The Factsheets which zoom in on the outlined fields of action. The factsheets include hands-on support through guiding questions, good practice examples, initial steps, and thematic contact persons

The six factsheets cover the following topics:

  • shaping the working world of tomorrow;
  • accelerating the transition to a Circular Economy;
  • protecting recourses, the climate, and biodiversity;
  • promoting sustainable consumption and lifestyles;
  • embedding sustainability in the supply chain;
  • creating digital trust.

The Charta project was funded by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) and has been developed by the CSCP with broad stakeholder involvement from civil society, business and academia. It is a dialog-oriented framework that is designed as a living document to be adjusted and improved over time.

The Charta (in German) is available free of charge.