Consumer Insight Action Panel – Electronics Club Final Report

The Consumer Insight Action Panel (CIAP) is a European multi-stakeholder initiative designed to support the transition to the circular economy by generating, applying and testing consumer behavioural insights in circular strategies in areas such as textiles, plastics and electronics. The overall vision is to enable circular behaviours, by exploring how innovations can enable consumers to reuse, repair, share, recycle, lease and otherwise support circularity and sustainability.

This final project report has been produced within the framework of the Electronics Club, a stakeholder group forming part of the project alongside the Plastics Club. It sets out the project background, shares information on the multi- stakeholder circular Electronics Club at the heart of the work, provides an overview of the methodology followed in gathering insights, designing and running interventions, and evaluating results and sustainability of the pilots. The report also shares learnings, findings and models that could support potential future initiatives in the field of circular electronics and beyond.