Local Circular Economy Champions: Inspiring Stories from Italy, Greece, Spain

Waste is one of the most critical issues we face today with detrimental impacts for the future. In 2020, the average EU citizen generated 4.88 tons of waste, reveals Eurostat. Many European cities are working intensively on improving their waste management systems while at the same time trying to increase the valorisation potential of generated waste. Our Horizon2020 project, SCALIBUR (Scalable Technologies for Bio-Urban Waste Recovery) worked together with the cities of Albano Laziale (Italy), Kozani (Greece), and Madrid (Spain) to support the circular transformation of their waste management systems. As part of the project, technological innovations for collecting, sorting and recycling waste have been pilot tested. In addition, SCALIBUR has also tested multi-stakeholder engagement practices with key actors operating along the waste value chains, including citizens. The objective is to further mainstream circular models of production and consumption in which products are not disposed of but reused, repaired, and recycled and where waste is valorised through innovative practices.

This booklet dives into the inspiring stories of twenty-three citizens, start-ups, collectives, and small businesses in Italy, Greece, and Spain – the SCALIBUR local champions. The local champions are committed to addressing the waste challenge in their areas and engage every day to inspire their fellow citizens, businesses, and other initiatives to rethink their consumption and production patterns. Find out more about their inspiring stories and journeys to shaping circular and sustainable approaches and lifestyles.

The booklet is in English, but the local stories are also available in the Italian, Spanish and Greek versions.