Status of Implementation of the Declaration of Participation. The Final Report of the Dialogue Forum for Wholesale and Retail

The Dialogue Forum for Wholesale and Retail to Reduce Food Waste had the objective to map the reduction of food waste, develop relevant targets for 2030 and suitable formats for implementation and monitoring, and to agree on these in the form of a target agreement. Eighteen companies from the food retail sector and six from the food wholesale sector underlined their willingness to cooperate by signing a declaration of participation as part of the Dialogue Forum and actively participated to achieve the set objectives.

This document updates the interim report 2021 and highlights the commitment of the 23 participating companies as well as the joint forum work, which has been coordinated by the CSCP in cooperation with the Thünen-Institute from September 2019 to December 2022. It includes a summary of the monitoring reports of the Thünen-Institute aimed to improve the quality and quantity of data on food waste (see chapter 3). It further describes individual measures implemented by the companies to reduce food waste (see Chapter 4). It also explains the preparation of a draft target agreement in which the companies commit to reduction measures in support to SDG 12.3 (see chapter 5). Monitoring data and information on reduction measures have been provided by the companies participating in the forum.

Please download the full report (in German).

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.7560241