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Taste the Jeans

Experience Sustainable Solutions Together

What is Taste?

Taste: Experience-based stakeholder engagement process

By tapping into the power of the senses and interdisciplinary cooperation, the CSCP team has developed Taste, a stakeholder engagement process that enables the experience of vibrant solutions for sustainable lifestyles, from products and business models through to behaviours, policy solutions and future visions.

The ultimate goal of Taste is to launch a credible and innovative stakeholder dialogue leading to the successful implementation of sustainable solutions.

What is on your menu today?

Why Taste?

Taste creates an open mind-set for innovation and collaboration

Achieving leadership in sustainability entails the development and implementation of innovative solutions that are often too theoretical, hard to grasp and away from the hearts and minds of key stakeholders that would make it happen. What if it would be possible to have first-hand experience with the latest sustainable solutions before taking them forward? And more: what if this experience could take place in an inspiring setting for stakeholder dialogue and collaboration? Taste has made it a reality!


Our unique position to develop Taste with you

Together with you, we can co-develop a high-level stakeholder engagement process to innovatively communicate the sustainable solutions, along with its challenges and opportunities, that would support your vision, aimed at making it attainable by experience and kicking off collaboration with key decision makers that are relevant in the process of implementing such solutions.

As collaboration and innovativeness for sustainability is part of our DNA, we are well positioned to bring together both partners to jointly develop Taste with us and key stakeholders to experience and engage with the process. The result is a myriad of experiential processes that combine scientific knowledge, art and food tailored for translating the sustainable solutions specific to the case.

What can be tasted?

Taste can be applied to all areas where sustainable innovation is needed

Taste your product: are you developing a new sustainable product whose acceptance you would like to foster or for which you would like to bring other stakeholders onboard? Or would you like to get inspired on how to rethink your product to give it a sustainability spin? Let’s taste it!

Taste your business model: how would your business look like if it were to incorporate innovative sustainable elements, from circular economy to social equity? Is it challenging for you to bring other decision makers onboard? Let’s taste it!

Taste your city: how would your city look like if it were to enable truly sustainable mobility, housing or consumption? How could this transition engage citizens, policy makers, civil society organisations and businesses? Let’s taste it!

Taste your policy: how could a certain policy change tackle sustainability challenges and create new opportunities? Let’s taste it!

Taste your mindset shift: what does the change of a certain behaviour imply in practice and which opportunities does it bring? Let’s taste it!

What does Taste look like?

The format of Taste can be tailored to your theme

Taste can take place as an event, an interactive road show or even a festival, comprising of a journey to the sustainable future of your vision, passing by various life-cycle stages, lifestyle areas or any other step-wise route adequate to the theme. It is then combined with technical workshops and match-making sessions for more detailed discussions and joint road-map building on how to further refine and implement the sustainable solutions experienced.

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[Taste the Jeans] was very interesting, very inspiring, very different!

Stefan D. Seidel, PUMA