Dr. Esther Heidbüchel

Senior Consultant

+49 202 459 58 - 55

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Esther is an expert in sustainability strategy development and its integration into daily business, sustainable supply chains and environmental management systems (EMAS). Another focus of hers is sustainability communication, including stakeholder dialogues, reporting standards like GRI, DNK and EU-CSR non financial reporting.

She holds a doctoral degree in International Relations / Conflict Research, and is a skilled business mediator, with a special area of expertise and interest in dealing with conflicts in sustainability and the business realm.

During her field research in West Papua, Indonesia, she experienced first hand the impact of globalisation on local business, environment and human rights.

With more than 23 years experience in various positions, functions and industries such as telecommunications, semiconductors and construction materials, including over 13 years in sustainability management, she has a deep understanding of the challenges private sector companies are confronted with when dealing with sustainability.

As a consultant, her focus is on efficiency, effectiveness, usefulness and practicability of sustainable solutions. Building bridges between different stakeholders, ways of thinking and cultures is a personal passion, which she developed during her studies in International Business and Language Studies, specialising on Southeast Asia. She has joined the CSCP in 2020 as member of the SBE Team.

Esther is a German national with a global heart.