Victoria Funk

Senior Project Manager

+49 202 459 58 - 44

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Victoria joined the Sustainable Infrastructure, Products and Services Team in 2023. Her focus lies on capacity and skill building within organisations as well as addressing sustainability challenges through digital solutions.

Victoria’s profile is characterised by her expertise in change leadership, organisational development as well as supply chain management. Before joining the CSCP she has led a strategic project team that enabled the digital transformation of a large fashion brand. With more than five years of profound experience in Business Innovation as well as leading interdisciplinary global projects, Victoria has a strong entrepreneurial mindset.

After 10 years in the fashion industry, she left the private sector to share her know-how on a broader scale and dedicate her energy to transformative projects that add more value to our society.

Her excitement for sustainability issues emerged from questioning the way products were designed and developed. Through the implementation of digital product development, she paved the way towards a more sustainable and thus future-oriented business model in her previous role.

Victoria completed a dual study program in cooperation with the German fashion brand Hugo Boss. She is experienced in agile methodologies like Scrum and Design Thinking and puts her focus on enabling and empowering her partners in a collaborative approach.

Victoria is a German national.