Join Us at the Water Projects Europe Community of Practice Meeting on 14 February 2023!

When an emergency situation occurs, first responders, law enforcement, and emergency medical services are the first to arrive on the scene. Behind the scene, a whole chain of additional relevant actors need to be involved and aligned. Our PathoCERT project, which focuses on increasing capacities of first responders in cases of waterborne pathogen emergencies, takes a Communities of Practice (CoP) approach to bring all stakeholders together and enable collaboration.

At the Water Projects Europe 2023 event, PathoCERT joins two other innovative European projects utilising Communities of Practices as a multi-stakeholder engagement, collaboration, and co-creation format. The goal of the event is to showcase the added value of the CoP format, but also to learn, exchange, and discuss ways on how to improve CoPs in the future.

All three projects, PathoCERT, ULTIMATE and WATER MINING work toward more sustainable and safer water management, however they vary on their specific approaches. PathoCERT’s focus is on increasing the ability of first responders to rapidly detect waterborne pathogens; ULTIMATE aims to create economic value and increase sustainability by valorising resources within the water cycle; and WATER MINING addresses the challenge of a dwindling water supply by exploring alternative water sources and developing sustainable water management solutions.

During the meeting, project representatives will share their individual experiences of implementing and conducting regular CoP meetings. They will share benefits of using the CoP format, learn from each other’s challenges, and create synergies that can continue beyond project cycles.

Event: Water Projects Europe 2023: Communities of Practice
Date: 14 February 2023
Time: 09:30-12:00 CEST
Location: Online
Language: English
Costs: Free of charge

To join the event, please register here.

The event is organised by Water Europe in collaboration with PathoCERT and is part of the event series Water Projects Europe, aiming to bring together projects on water related topics. Connecting similar projects will encourage an exchange of experiences, support aligned policy development and stimulate the market uptake of innovative solutions. The CSCP will present how the CoPs were implemented in PathoCERT and co-moderate the plenary exchange with Water Europe.

For further information, please contact Francesca Grossi.