AoC Catalyst: Accelerating the Integration of Behavior Change Know-How in the Work of NGOs

The Catalyst is a special programme offered by the Academy of Change (AoC), aimed at supporting non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to undertake organisational change by providing tailor-made tools and supporting them in turning sustainable behaviour change knowledge into an asset for their daily work.

The Catalyst aims to reach this goal through the following:

  • Provide NGOs with customized support and tools to address their needs, both content- and strategy-wise, to integrate behavioural knowledge within their strategies and activities.
  • Enable NGOs to design and implement behaviour change pilot interventions, alone or in collaboration with other Catalyst peers, in order to have first-hand experience with behaviour change work and implement behavioural knowledge in a real-life setting
  • Offer NGO peer exchange and mutual support on various behaviour change topics and on implementing this know-how at the organisational level, both with other Catalyst participants as well as with participants of future editions of the Academy of Change Capacity Building Programme

Participation in the Catalyst is by invitation only, and the opportunity to participate in the first Catalyst group was granted to NGO representatives that: (i) have successfully concluded the Academy of Change Capacity Building Programme and that (ii) hold the potential to drive organisational change within their NGOs.

Pioneers in the first Catalyst group include Greenpeace International, RSPB, Fingo, WRAP and RARE. The activities will comprise of in-person workshops, webinars, networking activities, and coaching sessions, in order to create a robust and innovative network of multipliers dedicated to supporting more sustainable behaviours among citizens worldwide.

Do you think the Catalyst could help you and your NGO? Then, taking part in the Academy of Change Programme would be your first step. You can find more details about it here. For other ideas or suggestions, please get in touch with the Academy of Change team-

For further questions, please contact Mariana Nicolau.