Accelerating Change Towards the Sustainable Behaviours That Really Matter – The Academy of Change Publishes Final Report

At the end of July 2019, the Academy of Change (AoC) completed the final milestone of the first round – a capacity building programme on behaviour change for more sustainable living patterns. The results of the programme have been impressive as we have been able to narrow down the elements of a successful behaviour change intervention as well as design, implement and test three pilot interventions on the ground. This journey and other learnings from the project have been captured in AoC’s recently published final report.

AoC is a unique professional development journey to help NGOs build their skills to enable more sustainable behaviour within their target groups, allowing them to integrate evidence-based knowledge about the underpinnings of behaviours into their strategies and projects. Through this project we have –

  • Enabled networking and peer knowledge exchange among NGOs based on their needs and experiences
  • Facilitated direct testing of behaviour change interventions on the ground and in partnership with local NGO partners
  • Co-developed sustainable behaviour change pilots in different countries around the world.

In the recently published final report, ‘Accelerating change towards sustainable behaviour that really matter – with NGOs and beyond’, you can learn about the first two years of the Academy work, the tools developed and the results achieved. We invite you to join us in developing successful approaches to enable a good life within the limits of a sustainable planet.

And finally our latest announcement! We are happy and excited to share that the first round of AoC will be followed by a second round where we aim to double our outreach and impact. If you’re curious and are part of an NGO covering sustainability and climate topics, then sign-up for our newsletter and drive the change together with us!

AoC is the CSCP’s programme on sustainable behaviour designed for future leaders working on climate change and sustainability in the NGO sector. It is a non-profit initiative of the CSCP, Behaviour Change, funded by the KR Foundation.

For more information on the AoC programme, please contact Mariana Nicolau.