Looking to Increase Sustainable Behaviour? Our Taste the Change Journey Shows You How!

‘Taste the Change’ is an interactive online toolkit that leads you through the main steps of creating successful behaviour change interventions.

Inspired by principles of gamification, ‘Taste the Change’ has been developed as part of the Academy of Change programme with the purpose to disseminate behavioural knowledge in a user-friendly and innovative way. It is openly accessible to NGOs and organisations at large interested in making sustainable behaviour change happen.

Throughout the ‘Taste the Change’ online platform you will be guided by its main character Chris, who cares about sustainability and the well-being of our planet, however, his lifestyle does not quite match these values yet. For example, his diet is largely meat-based. Why is this so? How might we encourage a behavioural shift to happen in reality? Can this knowledge be applied in other contexts, regarding different behaviours? These and other questions will be addressed with tools, tips and concepts in Taste the Change.

A reward is waiting for you after completing the journey. You have the opportunity to play the behaviour change lottery and take your chance to win a one hour behaviour change coaching session with the Academy of Change team. The team looks forward to meeting you! Taste the change and find out!

Please contact Mariana Nicolau for further information.