How You Can Benefit from a Circular Economy?

We are overshooting the earth’s capacity to regenerate our natural resources while undershooting our human capacity to design a more viable and valuable system. Transitioning from the wasteful linear economy to an efficient circular economy will benefit you now and in the future.

The top 10 benefits of a circular economy approach to your organisation:

  1. Save your business, customers, and suppliers money
  2. Capture more value from your materials and resources
  3. Develop new markets and gain new customers
  4. Build loyalty with your customer base
  5. Satisfy changing customer needs and expectations
  6. Increase the security and price stability of your supply chain
  7. Attract, retain, and engage your employees
  8. Build your brand and reputation as an innovative organisation
  9. Exceed government regulations and stay ahead of new requirements
  10. Provide more return and lower risk to your investors

How can we help you gain these benefits?

CSCP has built up considerable expertise in the field of circular economy and business model innovation that can provide you with the tools, methods and know-how necessary to add value to your business and your customers by transitioning towards circularity.

Currently, CSCP leads a European Union project – R2π – Transition from Linear to Circular, which focuses on enabling organisations and their value chains to transition towards a more viable, sustainable and competitive economic model. The project supports the achievement of the European Union’s strategy for sustainability and competitiveness by positioning the EU as a world leader in the circular economy.

The project examines the shift from the broad concept of a Circular Economy (CE) to one of Circular Economy Business Models (CEBM) by tackling market opportunities and failures as well as policy opportunities and failures. Its innovation lies in having a strong business-model focus, including designing transition guidelines, as well as in the role of policy development, including designing policy packages.

R2π offers selected companies the possibility of participating in innovative case studies designed to enhance their business models and learn by doing. Our mission is to help you develop and improve sustainable business models and methods that will facilitate the circular economy, as well as to propose policy packages that will support the implementation of these models.

How can you get started?

  1. If you have a circular business model and want to continue improving it and gaining more benefits, contact us about business model enhancement and applying to be being a best practice case study in our R2π project. Contact Raymond Slaughter.
  1. If you don’t have a circular business model yet but are interested in gaining the benefits of becoming more circular and utilising the expertise of the project partners, contact us about business model innovation and about possibly being an innovation case study in our R2π project. Contact Raymond Slaughter.
  1. If you want to keep up with news, event updates, successful real-world examples, new circularity models, the latest research, and cutting-edge innovations on the Route 2 a Circular Economy, sign up for our R2π newsletter here.