Our HOOP and SCALIBUR Projects Host the Circular Economy Week in Albano Laziale, Italy – Meet Us There From 17 to 20 May 2022!

With a share of 34%, biowaste is the largest single component of municipal waste in the EU. The recycling of biowaste is key for meeting the EU target to recycle 65% of municipal waste by 2035, containing a high potential for contributing to a circular economy, delivering valuable soil-improving material and fertilisers as well as biogas, a source of renewable energy*.

The first Circular Economy Week in the city Albano Laziale is organised by our projects SCALIBUR and HOOP, funded by the EU to support cities and regions to develop circular biowaste systems. The Circular Economy Week will focus on biowaste management and circularity, aiming to raise awareness locally about circular initiatives and emerging technological solutions for the valorisation of organic waste.

Four in-person events will take place during the Circular Economy Week involving a broad range of stakeholders such as policy-makers, waste management companies, service providers, agricultural associations, business, citizens, and students. Each event will focus on a specific aspect linked to the Circular Economy and the valorisation of biowaste.

On 17 May, the Circular Economy Week will kick off with the public seminar “Opportunities for innovation and practices for the Circular Economy: The role of Albano Laziale and best practices in Europe”. To join the seminar, please register here.

On 18 May, the seminar “New frontiers for the circular economy: Investing in the bioeconomy” will address field experts and focus on economic and employment opportunities generated by new technologies. Join the seminar by registering here.

On 19 May, two participative workshops on the topic of “Circular Cities 2030” will be held to promote the involvement of students and citizens of all ages in the processes of building local scenarios and policies. Please register here to join.

The Circular Economy Week will end on 20 May with a “Circular Economy Exhibition“ at the Palazzo Savelli in Albano Laziale. The exhibition will display circular innovative products created by local companies and non-profit associations that promote reuse, circular economy, and environmental and social sustainability.

For additional information and the detailed agenda in English and Italian, please visit the websites of our SCALIBUR and HOOP projects.

For further questions, please contact Francesca Grossi.

*European Environment Agency 2020