Join our City Loops Online Workshops: Cities and Circular Economy

Cities and regions are key players in the transition towards circular economy. The City Loops project will provide sector-specific Circular Innovation Workshops to support cities close the loop.

Climate change and aggravated resource scarcity call for a new way of defining the economy. Governments and intergovernmental bodies alike are reacting to this imperative, a prime example being the EU Green Deal, which is estimated to affect about two thirds of all industry sectors in Europe.

Circular economy approaches are one path towards a zero-carbon society, which we have to realise within this decade in order to bring climate change and its overwhelming effect on the ecosystem to a halt. However, the transition to a circular economy needs a systems approach. This is what the innovation programme City Loops will help put into practice by developing and strengthening circular economy opportunities at a city level.

City Loops provides sector-specific Circular Innovation Workshops to develop tangible and impactful circular business solutions. The programme creates city-specific learnings and action networks to strengthen sector-specific business collaborations in each participating city.

The City Loops project is set up to develop a replicable circular innovation process that results in economically viable circular solutions. The circular innovation process is based on the findings of a previous Climate KIC study of circular economy education needs, followed by a successful pilot project implementation in three countries1. It will be facilitated by experienced trainers who use innovative and hands-on circular solution development methods and tools. The participants of this innovation process – businesses, municipalities and service providers – will jointly develop circular solutions that close material flows, intensify value creation, develop viable business models and effective innovation for ‘circular solutions’, create partnerships and collaborations, and identify and create business opportunities for cities and regions.

There will be three series of online workshops, each consisting of two parts and access to an online self-study course. Each series consists of the following four modules:

Module 1: Circular Economy and Value Chains – Closing Material Cycles and Intensifying Value Creation
Module 2: Identify Structural Waste
Module 3 – Designing Innovative Business Models for Circular Solutions
Module 4 – Developing High Output Innovation Partnerships

The two-session workshop is still available on two more dates:

14.10. & 16.10.2020 (9:30 -14:00 CET) – Register HERE now!
28.10. & 30.11.2020 (9:30 -14:00 CET) – Register HERE until 16.10.2020

The workshops will be held in German and are free of charge.

In order to ensure long-term sustainability, the project will support the development of a self-sustaining network of circular professionals that will make use of the circular solution innovation process for the project’s duration and beyond.

City Loops is a project of the EIT Climate-KIC, Wuppertal Institute and the CSCP.

For further questions, please contact Raymond Slaughter.

1 EIT Climate-KIC Circular Cities Project