The CSCP Launches the co-do! lab to Make Transformation Toward Sustainability Happen Now!

For 17 years, the CSCP has been collaborating with businesses, policy makers, partner organisations, and civil society to increase the impact in areas that are important for the transition to a regenerative future. The CSCP has launched its brainchild, the co-do lab, born out of the urgency to radically scale up our efforts in transforming businesses, municipalities and cities.

The co-do lab, is a Wuppertal-based do tank that runs as a social business and aims to support organisations to accelerate transformation towards greater sustainability. The co-do lab works across different action fields and offers a networking platform for pioneers and doers to inspire, design, and upscale impactful solutions.

“In order to address the complex challenges of our era, such as climate change, water, air, and land pollution, biodiversity loss, or growing social disparities, we need to radically scale up sustainable solutions now. This is precisely the rationale behind the co-do lab: to empower and enable cities, organisations and individuals to make transformation happen now across their entire operations or value network.”, says CSCP Executive Director, Michael Kuhndt.

Located at Gut Einern, Wuppertal’s oldest guesthouse turned into a holistic sustainability quarter, the co-do lab intends to provide a taste of sustainable solutions and will be a space for actors to co-develop solutions that make transformation toward sustainability happen now.

Currently, a core team is setting up the co-do lab, drawing on the expertise of the entire CSCP team and a large network of international partners and pioneers.

“We believe that you need to reach at least to 10% of an organisation across its structure to transform it. We have developed the Ten Percent Approach to do just that with a combination of key sustainability knowledge capacity building as well as inspiration and enabling mechanisms for an international team of pioneers with whom we co-create the pathway to achieve the transformation.”, says Philipp Ober, co-do lab core team.

The co-do lab team and pioneer network will support organisations along their journeys by looking into the whole spectrum of relevant aspects, such as:

  • What do scalable solutions look like?
  • What are the future scenarios a city or an organisation needs to prepare for?
  • What does a suitable strategy look like?
  • How to successfully scale pilots?
  • How to reach the entire organisation/network and carry out an inclusive transformation processes?

Are you keen on learning how your transformation journey could look like? Are you eager to start scaling sustainable solutions toward a regenerative future now? Reach out to us – Philipp Ober is here to answer your questions!

For additional details, please visit the co-do! lab website.