“It is High Time to Make Biodiversity a Top Priority”

In his private life, he keeps bees to promote biodiversity. What can’t be done in the back yard, he takes to the work desk, where he engages with key stakeholders and leads collaborative processes to protect and preserve biodiversity. This is Frank Augustin, the new project manager at our Sustainable Infrastructure, Products and Services (SIPS) team.

How did your journey at the CSCP start?

I have always been interested in both the theoretical as well as practical underpinnings of sustainability issues. Therefore, the CSCP as a think and do tank is naturally the right place for me to be. The international team, broad diversity of projects, and the collaborative approach are unique and offer an inspiring environment to come up with innovative ideas and turn them into real actions.

What do you bring along from your previous journeys?

With more than 25 years of experience in various positions, functions and projects from specialist to senior management, I have a deep understanding of the private corporate sector. I look forward to employing this experience in supporting companies to engage with sustainability topics, biodiversity being a core focus.

Among the many projects and work streams, what are you looking forward to the most?

The Coronavirus pandemic has taught many of us valuable lessons. The intrinsic link between the pandemic and biodiversity loss is an eye-opening example. Anthropogenic activities, such as mining or release of industrial waste are known to be drivers of diseases transmitted from animals to humans. On the other hand, the pandemic is taking its toll on biodiversity, potentially aggravating the initial drivers. Our CSCP holistic approach accounts for such feedback loops and looks at problems from a cross-topic and collaborative viewpoint. I believe in such work and its impact potential and this is what I look forward to the most.

What is your favourite sustainable lifestyle habit?

I really appreciate regional and sustainably produced honey, so I keep bees on my own which enables me to harvest honey and promote local biodiversity.

For further questions, please contact Frank Augustin directly.