Hanna Perrin Joins the CSCP to “Enable Organisations in Becoming Part of the Regenerative Future”

Following over a decade-long career as project and change manager, Hanna Perrin has joined the CSCP aiming to challenge the status-quo and drive collaborations for systemic impact. Get to know Hanna in her own words!

How did you come about joining the CSCP?

After more than 10 years as a project and change manager for multi-national corporations, I set up as a freelancer in 2020 with the intention to have a positive impact on our planet and people via the work that I do. I am inspired by the CSCP’s collaborative approach, bringing together stakeholders from all parts of society to cooperate and learn from each other. To me, the CSCP is the ideal organisation to achieve systemic impact together with like-minded peers and partners who are keen to make a real difference and to challenge the status quo.

How does your professional journey inform the work that you will carry out at the CSCP?

At the CSCP, we accompany organisations on their individual journeys towards sustainability and/or playing a leading role in our regenerative future. This often includes the development of a meaningful purpose as well as corresponding strategic and operational measures. We collaborate with all relevant stakeholders when managing change processes and projects to implement such purpose-driven measures. From my experience, real impact can be achieved with bottom-up processes that focus on values, engaging and empowering employees. I view organisations as living systems that are well-equipped to respond to crises and changing requirements when they follow the principles of self-organisation, continuous learning and transparency. Often, there is no need for radical changes, but rather for building on what is already working well when amending structures or ways of working. I strongly believe in learning by doing, in trying and failing and trying again. Besides applying my experiences as a project and change manager built up throughout my career, I draw on my competences as a systemic and agile coach, moderator and trainer. Often, my work includes supporting individuals to step out of their comfort zone and to address underlying beliefs and fears to overcome stumbling blocks.

Sustainability is such a complex notion. What is your take on it?

To me, sustainability is a mindset and a guiding principle that informs my daily decisions. I try my best to assess the consequences of my actions on the environment, on myself and on others. This is time-consuming and does not always work perfectly, but it is fun and deeply fulfilling at the same time. When working with organisations, I am convinced that sustainability is not a topic that is tackled by a dedicated business unit, but rather the basis for a meaningful purpose that becomes part of an organisation’s DNA by informing daily decisions made by individuals. Why not have an empty chair representing the organisation’s purpose in every meeting and reflect continuously on whether what is being discussed or decided is in line with this purpose?

What are the topics and projects that you are most excited about to carry forward at the CSCP?

At the CSCP, (among others) we provide trainings and workshops to support organisations in developing the mindsets, skills and tools needed for their individual transformation journey. In the future, we are aiming to hold some of our trainings at an inspiring location currently being developed on the outskirts of Wuppertal, where participants get a real taste of the good life by experiencing it for themselves and getting impulses from pioneers. The acquired insights are then transferred into the organisation via concrete measures and projects. I am thrilled to put my competences and energy into such a meaningful initiative.

What key opportunities do you see when it comes to mainstreaming sustainability?

The real opportunity I see is the mindset shift that is already happening: Like-minded peers getting together on various platforms, exchanging ideas and open-source material, and following the approach that we can only overcome our challenges together. I have experienced again and again that, when we have a shared vision for the future, we can set free energies that allow us to act together. I really like the saying ‘If somebody dreams alone, it is just a dream. If many people dream together, it can become reality’.

For further questions, please contact Hanna Perrin.