Take the Lifestyle Test at the “Langer Tisch Festival” on 29 June 2024 in Wuppertal!

The collective sum of our individual lifestyles has a significant impact on the climate. Our Lifestyle Test, developed as part of the PSLifestyles project, supports citizens to take concrete actions for sustainable living in their local contexts. The test is available as a free web app in 9 European countries, including Germany.

In June 2024, the project team presented the Lifestyle Test at the Solingen Sustainability Festival and engaged with citizens to raise awareness on the importance of endorsing sustainable lifestyles. Among the citizens who took the test in Solingen, Germany popular impactful lifestyle changes included endorsing a vegetarian diet, discovering European travel destinations instead of international travel, and opting for low-carbon transportation modes.

On 29 June 2024, the Lifestyle Test will be presented at the Langer Tisch Festival in Wuppertal, Germany. Join the festival and explore together with our project team how you can use the Lifestyle Test to calculate your own footprint and design concrete plans to reduce it.

Event: Langer Tisch Festival
Date: 29 June 2024
Time: 16:00-21:00
Place: Friedrich-Engels-Allee, Wuppertal, Germany
Language: German and English

The Lifestyle Test is a free web application that enables users to calculate their individual carbon footprint by answering questions from various lifestyle categories. Unlike traditional carbon calculators, the Lifestyle Test provides detailed explanations and tailored recommendations for reducing carbon emissions, which can be seamlessly integrated into daily routines and sustained long-term.

Take the Lifestyle Test now and become part of the movement towards a more sustainable future!

For additional information about the Lifestyle Test, please visit the PSLifestyle project website or contact the project team.

For additional information on this event, please contact Charis Hoffmann.

For questions on the PSLifestyle project, please contact Arlind Xhelili.