Arlind Xhelili

Project Manager

+49 202 459 58 - 10

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Arlind started working at CSCP in 2015 as part of the Sustainable Lifestyles team.

During this time he has explored the role of various actors and their behaviour within the framework of sustainability. His primary interest lies in understanding how these stakeholders enable and inhibit each other in advancing long term development. To foster this understanding, he has conducted and delivered several multi-stakeholder workshops on various sustainability topics.

Arlind holds a bachelor’s degree in legal studies from South East European University in Macedonia. During his bachelor studies, he gained extensive knowledge and understanding of the Macedonian and European legal concepts and systems. After completing his undergraduate studies, Arlind was invited for an internship at the Ministry of Transport and Communication in Skopje. While there, he supported the team in working towards the development and advancement of the Macedonian railway infrastructure. He was aslo an active member of a civil society organisation dealing with intercultural understanding and conflict management.

Arlind is a graduate of the research master program in Ethics-Economics, Law and Politics of the Ruhr University Bochum where he explored consumer behaviour and consumption patterns as well as looked at the potential of participatory strategies for improving, influencing or changing these.

Arlind is an Albanian/Macedonian national.