Would You Like to Become a Changemaker Toward a Good Life for All? Join our Living Lab in Wuppertal!

A good life within the planetary boundaries primarily means identifying and leveraging the synergies between our personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet. Our PSLifestyle project is offering citizens in eight countries across Europe a platform to co-create and shape visions of the good life as well as design solutions to make such visions a reality. The project has launched Living Labs in the respective pilot cities to empower citizens to become changemakers toward the good life.

The PSLifestyle project invites citizens of Wuppertal, as one of the pilot cities, to join our Living Lab and actively engage in shaping a good life in harmony with nature. Are you on board?

Throughout six meetings, between April 2022 and March 2023, together with other community members, you will have the opportunity to:

  • discuss challenges you face living in Wuppertal and how to move toward more sustainable solutions in the four key areas: food, mobility, housing, and general consumption
  • jointly design solutions and everyday actions that address those challenges and increase our share of sustainable living
  • discuss barriers to the implementation of potential solutions and explore opportunities that could speed up their wider uptake
  • think of social, economic, political and other recommendations for key actors such as policymakers or business representatives that could support making visions of a good life a reality

Besides co-defining visions of the good life in Wuppertal, our exchanges will directly contribute to the creation of the PSLifestyle tool – an online tool that helps citizens become aware of their environmental impact and supports making changes to day-to-day behaviours. As Living Lab participants, you will have the opportunity to co-design the features and functionalities of the PSLifestyle tool. The meetings will be held in German.

At the Living Labs meetings, we will lead hands-on and creative discussions based on the local context of Wuppertal and by taking into account the participants’ needs and reality. The meetings will be followed up by socialising events, such as cooking together, as another way to reflect on how to make the good life possible for all.

Do you already have interesting ideas to make positive change happen? Would you like to discuss them with your fellow citizens and expand your social network? Then, join our Living Labs by registering here and let us shape the good life together!

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Take a look at our flyer and postcard (in German) and please share them with your community!

The PSLifestyle Living Labs are part of the EU funded project PSLifestyle“Co-creating a positive and sustainable lifestyle tool with and for European citizens”.  The CSCP’s main focus is on Germany, particularly the city of Wuppertal. There are 16 European partners in total delivering the project.

For further questions, please contact Arlind Xhelili.