CSCP Executive Director Michael Kuhndt Discusses the Power of Collaborations: Listen to the Podcast Now!

Sustainability efforts, including Circular Economy ones, cannot be achieved alone – this is what drives us at the CSCP: to identify and enable collaborations that make it possible for actors to create innovative solutions that have a real impact. In this episode of the podcast “Now it’s happening – the future of Circular Economy” (Jetzt geht’s rund – Zukunft Kreislaufwirtschaft), CSCP Executive Director Michael Kuhndt speaks to Anja Kuhn (Bergische Waste Management Association / Bergischer Abfallwirtschaftsverband) about the power of collaborations.

In the podcast, Michael explains how in the last 17 years the CSCP has collaborated with around 3,000 partners around the globe to make consumption and production more sustainable. In his own words: “Sustainability provides innovation processes with purpose in order to make products and/or service portfolios climate positive, enrich biodiversity or become fully circular.”

Discussing the topic of Circular Economy in particular, Michael emphasises the role of consumers when it comes to moving from the take-make-dispose logic and being able to truly close the loop. He explains what a process of behaviour change means in this context and describes why it is crucial that sustainable products are the easier choice compared to non-sustainable products. In the podcast, he gives the example of how a civil society organisation, a multi-national company and the CSCP are partnering up on a consumer campaign to achieve lower washing temperatures in Germany. You can read more about the #wirdrehenrunter campaign here.

Michael also emphasizes that sustainability (and circularity) need “places” to showcase what is possible, highlighting the example of Metabolon as a place that shows what can be done with waste and how it can be rethought as a resource. In his view, such places should be established across cities and regions.

The episode “You are stronger if you drive innovation to together” (Wenn man zusammen Innovation betreibt ist man stark) is available to listen/download in German.

Listen to the podcast now!

The podcast is hosted and produced by Metabolon / the Bergische Waste Management Association (Bergischer Abfallwirtschaftsverband), a strategic partner of the CSCP. The CSCP is a member of the roundtable Circular Economy in North Rhine Westphalia which is led by Metablon.

For further questions, please contact Michael Kuhndt directly.