Partnership on Innovations and New Business Models for Sustainable Lifestyles


This partnership forms part of the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF). a high-level forum for governments, leading business, institutional investors, civil society and international organisations to incubate, accelerate, and scale up concrete green growth solutions. One of 3GF’s three priorities is integrated sustainable lifestyles. CSCP is building this partnership to encourage the development and scaling up of innovations for sustainable living in public-private partnerships. The partnership will achieve this aim by fostering local innovation hubs and establishing a global network. The local innovation hubs will nurture and support the development, testing, and evaluation of real innovation cases. The global network will continuously engage and facilitate actors to spread innovation hubs, exchange knowledge, and scale up the most influential innovations.

Key roles and responsibility

The partnership consists of an unspecified number of members and interested stakeholders. Partners can play one or more roles as partnership organiser, partnership local coordinator, partnership knowledge coordinator, and/or partnership member.


The partnership organisers will drive the partnership development and are accountable for developing the partnership structure, engaging partners globally, and fostering collaboration according to a pre-agreed scope. Partnership organisers will commit to:

  • defining the partnership scope, approach, and overall plan;
  • identifying and engaging global stakeholders for achieving the partnership objectives;
  • co-designing collaborative actions in line with the partnership objective;
  • ceveloping approaches and tools for guiding and supporting the local innovation hubs’ establishment and implementation;
  • establishing and maintaining global network for knowledge exchange and scaling up; and
  • attending scheduled (biannual) partnership meetings.

The partnership topic coordinators facilitate international cooperation within the selected topics on sustainable lifestyles to ensure the corresponding contribution to achieving SDGs and sustainable living. Topic coordinators are thought leaders or champions on selected topics such as food, mobility, housing, etc., who will commit to:

  • developing knowledge and guiding tools to facilitate private and public actors to integrate lifestyle thinking in innovations in the selected topics;
  • transferring knowledge to support local coordinators to co-design collaborative actions in the innovation hubs where relevant;
  • coordinating the various local innovation hubs under the selected topic for enhancing contribution to SDGs and facilitating knowledge exchange.

The partnership local coordinators ensure the actions contribute to the national sustainable living and green growth goals. Local coordinators lead the establishment and implementation of local innovation hubs with support from partnership organisers and topic coordinators. Local coordinators will commit to:

  • providing strategic feedback to the overall plan;
  • joint fundraising for the local innovation hub it coordinates, with knowledge and network support from partnership organisers;
  • identifying and engaging partnership members for the local innovation hub;
  • co-designing collaborative actions in local innovation hubs in line with the partnership objectives of five hub components and overall plan;
  • coordinating the local innovation hub activities;
  • exchanging knowledge with the knowledge coordinators and the global network; and
  • attending scheduled partnership meetings.

The partnership members, including business, governments, and civil society organisations, will endorse the partnership. As interested parties, they are engaged in implementing the partnership actions in one or more local innovation hubs according to a pre-agreed scope. Partnership members will commit to:

  • co-designing collaborative actions and workable plans for running local innovation hub after it’s launched; and
  • joining the innovation hub and implementing pre-agreed actions to foster innovations for sustainable living, including one or several of the following:
    • co-developing sustainable lifestyle visions with stakeholders;
    • setting innovation priorities for achieving the joint vision;
    • testing innovations with consumers;
    • exchanging case experience with the global network; and
    • participate in evaluation of innovation sustainability impacts.

Logos of all participating organisations will be included on the partnership visibility material and related partnership activities approved by the partnership organisers.


The benefits of joining are:

  • the opportunity to be part of a global partnership and pioneers for driving innovation for sustainable lifestyles;
  • the opportunity to shape a global charter for mainstreaming innovation for sustainable lifestyles ;
  • access to a global network of experts and business involved in innovation actions for sustainable lifestyles;
  • the opportunity to get supported for your innovation activities with guiding tools, innovation champions, and global good practices;
  • the opportunity to have your innovations evaluated and endorse on its impact for sustainable lifestyle transition;
  • the opportunity to develop joint proposal for public funding to test, demonstrate and scale up innovation for sustainable lifestyles; and
  • updates / newsletters on partnership activities and key learning.