AlgaePro BANOS

Understanding and Developing Sustainable Algae Value Chains in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region

As a carbon dioxide absorber and oxygen emitter, algae can contribute to mitigating climate change and reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, supporting the EU 2050 net zero goal. As algae do not require arable land, fresh water or fertilisers to flourish, its biomass can substitute (or supplement) conventional alternatives with higher ecological footprints. With its very versatile usability, algae and its biomass have potential use in a broad range of appliances, opening up new and sustainable business opportunities in the North and Baltic Sea regions.

The objective of the AlgaePro BANOS project is to showcase the economic potential of sustainably sourced algae-based products by developing and improving the following eight product value chains of the project’s pilot partners. The product-value chains are based on micro-algae and macro-algae (seaweed):

  • Bioactive nutraceuticals
  • Food snacks
  • Food components from micro-algae
  • Protein-rich aqua feed
  • Feed components
  • Textile applications
  • Bio stimulants
  • Algal oils for cosmetics

The product development will take place in six pilots across the EU, namely Germany, Finland, Denmark, Estonia (two pilots) and Norway. The product value chains will be developed in a sustainable and circular manner to allow for upscaling while protecting the environment in direct contribution to the EU mission “Restore our oceans and waters”. By the end of the project, the business pilots will have concrete Go-To-Market strategies in place.

The CSCP leads the work package on ‘co-creation of products’. Starting with a comprehensive analysis of consumer expectations and demands with regard to algae-based products, the main goal of this task is to set-up multi-stakeholder co-creation workshop formats together with the three pilot partners SJY, Algiecel and Origin by Ocean. The so-called “Feel the Sea” labs will bring together product developers, consumers and other stakeholders in the value chains of the pilots to collaboratively determine consumer needs and expectations on the products. Products will thus be validated while they are being developed, increasing chances of market acceptance and uptake, as consumer feedback can be immediately integrated into product development.

In addition, Interactive Algae Journeys will be organised in selected pilot cities to create public awareness on the sustainability benefits of algae-based products.

The AlgaePro BANOS project will run until 2027 and it is coordinated by the SubmarinerNetwork. The CSCP and 25 other partners are part of the project consortium.

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