Climate Protection for Everyone

Educational Series to Empower Students in Wuppertal

Today’s school kids are the decision makers of tomorrow. Movements like „Fridays for Future” which was initiated by Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg shows what a large role children play in the climate debate.

As part of the “Climate Protection for Everyone” (Klimaschutz für Alle) project, Wuppertal’s districts Oberbarmen and Wichlinghausen stand up for climate action, the CSCP empowers school kids to make conscious decisions in their daily lives and homes and in turn live more sustainable lifestyles. In an interactive educational series at the Carl-Duisberg-Gymnasium (CDG) in Wichlinghausen future scenarios become tangible and children understood the consequences of their own consumption and development processes in their city and neighborhood.

Many small decisions can help protect our climate, especially when everyone contributes. The educational series in the fields of food consumption, mobility and energy not only showed practical examples on how to protect the climate, but also engaged the kids to create their own ideas and future visions. In practical workshops with DIY kits, they are informed about the functioning of solar energy, photovoltaic and wind energy. A visit to the bike repair café showed the kids where they can borrow bikes for free. A chat with food savers informed the kinds on how to effectively reduce food waste.

Photo Credit: Anne Lukas

Through excursions, interviews and interactions, the children involved their neighborhoods in mutual learning. They got a chance to discuss their ideas and questions with experts from different sectors such as policy and the sciences. Role play games helped the children to understand the diverse perspectives of different stakeholders, e.g. in the topic of renewable energies, and to experience controversial debates personally.

Following up on a series of pilot workshops at the CDG, for the 5th, 7th, and 10th graders, the CSCP has developed teaching concepts for an exciting series that include four to six units. Following a ‘train the trainers’ approach, each unit was conducted in the presence of teachers of the school, so that the series can be repeated by them independently. The CSCP provided all teachers with respective teaching material and tutorials for multiplying the concept of education for sustainable development in as many classes as possible.

The project “Climate Protection for All“ is coordinated by Bob Kulturwerk e.V., a place in east Wuppertal that brings together people from Wichlinghausen-Oberbarmen, Wuppertal and beyond, to enable them to experience art and nature, cultures and neighborhoods and to develop them sustainably.