Gläserne Werkstatt*

Producing, Participating, Profiting

There are those locations in modern cities which, with the passing of time, have turned into dusty, abandoned spaces. They might have been large retail properties or busy commercial buildings once, but in the meanwhile have slipped into forgetfulness. With the “Gläserne Werkstatt – Produzieren, Partizipieren und Profitieren“ (“Gläserne Werkstatt –Producing, Participating, Profiting”) the city of Solingen plans to revive one such location and turn it into a hub for manufacturers. This will offer manufacturers from the Solingen region with a joint innovation, experimentation and experience space.

The new space will be open for public. This way, companies of different sizes and from different branches will not only be able to sell their handcrafted products, but also make manufacturing more tangible for the public. In addition, the project will offer numerous workshops, seminars, courses, exhibitions, experiments, and tastings.

“Gläserne Werkstatt” is one the eight projects within the larger umbrella project  “Urban Production in the ‘Bergisches Land’ Triangle – Competiveness, Innovation and City Quarter Development”. The project, which the CSCP supports with a series of Design Thinking workshops, will promote durable consumer goods and high-quality food in cooperation with local manufacturers, crafts and agricultural businesses as well as industrial and service companies.

The series of Design Thinking workshops which the CSCP will conduct aim to enable entrepreneurs, start-ups and established companies to generate sustainable products and services and innovate their business models. In an inspiring environment, the CSCP will introduce methods and tools for collaboration and co-creation that spark new ideas for products and services. Furthermore, the CSCP will develop a regional quality label for sustainably produced products and services. Suitable criteria will be identified through hot-spot and sweet-spot analysis. More information about the quality label will follow up soon.

Solingen’s Mayor Tim Kurzbach shared: “This project promotes interaction in the Bergische region and creates an interesting attraction for locals and tourists in the city centre.”

The project is a joint initiative of the city of Solingen, the Wirtschaftsförderung (Economic Development Agency), the Handelsverband Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. (Trade Association NRW), the Forum für soziale Innovationen (Forum for Social Innovation) and the CSCP.

The project „Urbane Produktion im Bergischen Städtedreieck – Wettbewerbsfähigkeit, Innovation, Quartiersentwicklung /Die Gläserne Werkstatt in Solingen – Produzieren, Partizipieren und Profitieren im Bergischen Städtedreieck” (“Urban Production in the Bergisches Städtedreieck – Competitiveness, Innovation and City Quarter Development”/Gläserne Werkstatt in Solingen – Producing, Participating, Profiting”) is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).

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