Tools, Best Practices and Recommendations to Reduce Consumer Food Waste – A Compendium

Food waste is a pressing issue that has significant environmental, social, and economic consequences. In line with its commitment of halving food waste by 2030, the European Union (EU) has implemented an extensive action plan to tackle this problem. In the EU, and many other parts of the world, most food waste occurs at the consumption stage. In order to tackle this hotspot of food waste generation, the European Consumer Food Waste Forum (ECFWF) – a pilot project involving experts from diverse backgrounds – has identified six intervention types to reduce consumer food waste, as well as recommendations for key players. The compendium shows the main findings of this work, emphasising the importance of taking a systemic approach when targeting food waste reduction at the consumer level. It includes tools, best practices and recommendations, which policymakers, researchers, businesses, and practitioners can draw on to take action to reduce consumer food waste.