Putting Solutions on the Table – A Review of Successful Interventions to Support More Sustainable Food Consumption Behaviours

This VALUMICS report analyses and provides insights to the latest and most compelling pieces of evidence about behaviourally-informed interventions that support a shift towards more sustainable and healthier diets. These are presented according to the behaviour approach they are based on and implemented in real life contexts as well as the type of behaviour they address and the opportunities for action. The discussed behavioural approaches are: simplification and framing of information, changing default options to more sustainable ones, mainstreaming sustainable food, employing favourable external stimuli, and finally changing the physical environment of sustainable food items. The report concludes by discussing key knowledge gaps as well as challenges and opportunities on the way forward to utilising behavioural insights for more sustainable food consumption. To read more about behavioural insights and interventions that could guide consumers towards more sustainable food purchases, please read the full report.