How to Engage Local Stakeholders in Creating Added Value From Biowaste – A National Action Manual (Spain)

This national action manual is intended to support relevant actors in their role to convert urban biowaste into high value-added products. It does so by offering step-by-step guidance into the process of multi-stakeholder engagement within the biowaste value chain of cities and regions. The manual provides analytical templates and advice on how to identify stakeholders, understand their motivations, and set up a Biowaste Club to actively engage them. The purpose of a Biowaste Club is to single out challenges, find opportunities for action, and mobilise social change.  In addition, the manual shares key experiences and learnings from Madrid, Spain – one of three pilot cities in the SCALIBUR project – together with policy insights on the Spanish context.

For further reading, please check out the national action manuals for Greece and Italy, drawing on the experiences of SCALIBUR pilot cities Kozani and Albano Laziale respectively.