Renewable Material of the Year 2023

Global demand for embedded carbon (the carbon in molecules) is expected to increase significantly by 2050. Today, the vast majority of embedded carbon comes from fossil feedstocks, including oil, natural gas and coal. To achieve a fully de-fossilised economy, this demand must be met exclusively by renewable carbon sources, such as biomass.

The Renewable Materials Conference, taking place on 23-25 May 2023 in Siegburg/Cologne (Germany), is a platform for showcasing achievements in the field of renewable materials. The conference brings together experts, stakeholders, and industry leaders to discuss latest developments and share their visions and strategies for the future.

With a focus on collaborative efforts and knowledge sharing, the conference will offer over 500 attendees the opportunity to create a better understanding of the current state of renewable materials and the possibilities that lie ahead.

The conference puts the focus on new materials as a key enabler for sustainable products in areas such as textiles, cosmetics, packaging as well as on elastic and biodegradable materials for a variety of applications.

With the innovation award “Renewable Material of the Year 2023”, nova-Institute, as organiser, and Covestro, as sponsor, aim to recognise particularly exciting and promising solutions that contribute to replacing fossil carbon from the ground. The call for submissions was answered by 30 companies. An advisory board and field experts have selected the six most promising materials and nominated them for the award. The conference participants will decide on the winners.

As in the past years, the CSCP is a partner of the Renewable Materials Conference 2023.

For further information, please contact Carina Diedrich.