Exploring the Social Impacts of the Circular Economy – Meet us at the Circular Week on 14 & 15 October 2021!

We hear a lot about the economic and environmental benefits of the circular economy, but what about the social benefits? How are the livelihoods and well-being of specific communities affected by the transition? What about social norms, consumer behaviour and the social trade-offs that lie at the heart of the circular economy? At the Electronics Club of the CSCP’s Consumer Insight Action Panel (CIAP) initiative we are looking for pathways that address social implications in the circularity journey.

Both the EU Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan put the stress on fairness and inclusion as important hallmarks for Europe’s sustainability ambitions.

To enhance the discussion on these aspects, we look forward to sharing our CIAP insights at the Circular Week 2021. Join us at our interactive sessions to bring your perspectives and ideas on the social impacts of circularity:

  • Workshop (Circular Week): 14 October, 10-11:30am CEST – Register here.
  • Workshop (Mazovia Circular Congress): 15 October, time TBC – Register here.

The workshops are free of charge and participants can attend one or both of them, with the second building upon and presenting main highlights of the first.

Are you on a journey to circularity? Have you thought about the social implications that come along? Reach out to us and let’s collaborate to ensure that circularity leads to more sustainability, but also that the circularity transition itself is inclusive, fair, and just for everyone!

For further questions, please contact Rosalyn Old.