Meet Us at the World Summit on Circular Economy in Córdoba from 13 to 15 June 2024!

As a system in which materials stay in the loop instead of becoming waste, Circular Economy has the potential to mitigate climate change, reduce pollution, and regenerate nature. For the fourth time, the city of Córdoba in Argentina will bring together actors from the private, public, and academic sector to discuss and chart future action on how to propel a Circular Economy that leads toward more sustainability. Meet us there between 13 and 15 June 2024!

The summit will focus on how to enhance and mainstream an economic model that integrates consumption, choice, content, and creator-driven dynamics (4Cs of economy) in a smart, inclusive, and sustainable way. The programme of the summit is designed around the key topics of bioeconomy, climate change mitigation, sustainable energy, and sustainable mobility.

Specifically, the summit will focus on:

  • Knowledge Economy to encourage collaboration among businesses, governments, and academic institutions to drive forward innovation and growth
  • Promoting policies that allow access to resources and funding of modern economies of intellectual capital, such as the Creative Economy
  • Promote Community Economy, an example of collective experiences in search of creating more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable economic systems

The CSCP Executive Director, Michael Kuhndt, who will join the summit, emphasizes the importance of approaching Circular Economy from a holistic perspective and in function of achieving greater sustainability.

“For Latin America, the Circular Economy represents a pathway to sustainable development that leverages its rich biodiversity and cultural heritage. By embracing circular principles, the region can protect its natural resources, foster economic prosperity, and build resilient and inclusive communities. The journey towards a Circular Economy in Latin America is not only a necessity but also an opportunity to redefine growth and create a future where both people and the planet can thrive”, notes Kuhndt.

Event: World Summit on Circular Economy
Date: 13-15 June 2024
Place: Córdoba, Argentina & online
Cost: Free access to the public
Language: English and Spanish

To join the summit, please register here.

The goal of the summit is to offer a platform for global players from across sectors to exchange on how to build more inclusive societies, where everyone can have the opportunity to contribute to economic growth and collective wellbeing.

In the past edition, over 80 speakers, 49 countries, and more than 600 cities were connected as part of the summit. The summit is organised by the Municipality of Córdoba and the Biocórdoba Entity.

For the full agenda and an overview of the accompanying events, please check out the summit website.

For further questions, please contact Michael Kuhndt.