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The Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP) is an international nonprofit Think and Do tank that works with businesses, policy makers, partner organisations and civil society towards a good life


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Lifestyle Test Success: Germany Embraces Sustainable Living with Innovative Carbon Footprint Tool

The Lifestyle Test is a carbon footprint calculator available as a free browser app. It allows individuals to assess their daily environmental impact through a brief test and then offers tailored tips and actions to help them reduce it. The app also supports users in tracking their progress, including the implementation of tips and the reduction of their carbon footprint.


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Featured Publication

Indicators for the Sustainable Management of Chemicals

In 2023, a major decision at the World Conference on Chemicals (ICCM5) was to follow-up framework for the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) by adopting the Global Framework on Chemicals (GFC). The GFC aims to ensure the sustainable use of chemicals worldwide throughout their entire life cycle, including the products and waste produced from them. In this study, indicators were developed using the concept of sustainable chemistry. To this end, established indicators were screened for their applicability and characterized on the basis of criteria.


Call for Collaboration

Empowering Consumers & Enabling Companies: Unravelling the Potential of the EU Green Claims

The number of labels and claims on sustainability advantages of products and services marketed in the European Union is at an all-time high. But, does this mean that consumers are truly empowered and enabled to make informed decisions? The European Commission thinks they aren’t. To meet this challenge, the European Union has launched the Green Claims Directive, an important initiative to set standards and restore confidence in environmental claims and labelling.

Updates from the co-do! lab

“No Company Can Afford to Preserve the Status Quo”

As head of Sustainable Business and Entrepreneurship at the CSCP, Alexander Mannweiler has a good understanding of the challenges businesses face today. He believes that companies that are able to integrate sustainability into their management systems increase their innovation potential and become more competitive.


Join the CSCP’s Co-Working Space

If you are interested in collaborating with the CSCP, the Co-Working Space might be the right starting place for you. We are happy to share our Co-Working Space with you! To find out more, please contact Ramon Külpmann.

"CSCP promotes innovation and provides significant support to finding sustainable development solutions. In the realm of sustainable consumption, it inspires new ways of thinking sustainability, placing the individual as the starting point of change, understanding that less consumption is driven by wellbeing and happiness."

Marina Bortoletti, UNEP Brazil