New Report Presents Circular Economy Practices Across European Cities

Several European cities are taking great steps to support the transition to a Circular Economy. The recently-launched Circular Cities Declaration (CCD) report collects and celebrates these efforts. From a Circular Economy strategy in Maribor and community composting initiatives in Budapest to Haarlem’s aim to procure only circular products and services by 2030, the report present many exemplary and replicable solutions.

Throughout 2022, CCD signatories have submitted individual reports sharing their key activities and interventions in the field of Circular Economy as well as the challenges they have experienced. In total, 40 reports were submitted, covering activities from 2021 and 2022. ICLEI Europe, with support from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, led a comprehensive analysis of these submissions resulting in the CCD report. The report marks the most comprehensive assessment of Circular Economy practices across European cities. It identifies eight key trends for how circularity is implemented in Europe’s urban areas, as well as the four main barriers hindering a Circular Economy.

The emphasis of the report on the role that cities play in achieving the circular transition links to the broader aims of the Circular Cities Declaration. The CCD was set up to not only support cities in achieving circularity, but also to highlight the crucial role they have in this process.

The report also addresses some of the key challenges cities face as they move toward a Circular Economy. For example, the report highlights that progress is slower than desired due to lack of skills, knowledge, and finance options and that citizen involvement in co-creating solutions could be further optimised.

The report is authored by ICLEI Europe and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation with contributions from the Circular Cities Declaration Support Partners and the CCD signatories. The CSCP is a Circular Cities Declaration support partner.

For additional details, please download the report here.

For further questions, please contact Cristina Fedato.