Circular Cities Workshop: Discussing Effective Steps and Discovering New Business Models

For cities, the circular economy approach does not only offer completely new ways to a sustainable future and a better quality of life for their citizens, but also unimagined economic potential. In June, the CSCP held a one-day Circular Cities Workshop at the Wuppertal office, which brought together many stakeholders such as city representatives, companies, and policymakers to discuss ideas and approaches on how to make cities more circular.

The workshop participants were introduced to the topic through the presentation of recent case studies from the CSCP’s projects – R2Pi and the Guidebook Circular Cities (which will be published later this month in our library). The topic of circular economy was further explored through group work where the participants discussed ways to improve circularity in Bonn and Gelsenkirchen.

By setting forth essential questions that enable the transformation to circular cities, two interactive sessions were conducted – how do I make a city circular? systematically discovering approaches and possibilities and what is actually possible and how do I start? – the development of a strategy. This gave the participants ideas to establish a systematic approach to circularity through impact-oriented collaborative action. For example, sharing innovative energy solutions such as hydrogen, have helped to shape concrete endeavours in new business models.

The workshop was a success and more workshops under the theme of ‘circular cities’ are being planned in the future.

For further information, please contact Cristina Fedato.