From Circular Economy to Circular Society: Join Us at the Circular Society Forum on 28 September 2023!

When we think of Circular Economy, we predominantly mean circular production and, to a lesser extent, consumption. Often, this is tied to a narrow economic perspective. However, for Circular Economy to truly be used as a means to greater sustainability, we need to expand the concept beyond the purely economic realm and integrate social and economic solutions together.

With the concept of the circular society, a new paradigm is rapidly gaining traction that rethinks the role of society in the emerging circular world. To this end, important questions arise: How can we ensure to include everyone in a fair, inclusive and meaningful way? What steps are needed to enable people to endorse circularity and live up to its principles in their day-today-life? Moreover, how do we align specific circularity goals to the sustainable development goals?

The Circular Society Forum is a yearly platform for relevant actors to come together, discuss, and engage on the topic of the Circular Society. This year, the CSCP takes an active role in the forum by hosting a panel discussion on the role of cities and regions in Germany (and beyond) in actively supporting and advancing the idea of the Circular Society. For this purpose, we have invited experts working for or with cities and regions around core topics of the Circular Society, such as citizen participation, sustainable development or the Circular Economy.


  • Heidrun Wuttke (Dorf.Zukunft.Digital, District of Höxter)
  • Mohammad Chehadé (Center for Circular Economy, RTWH Aachen)
  • Selina Kahl (Department for Environmental Protection, Zero Waste, City of Kiel)
  • Melanie Jaeger-Erben (Roadmap to a Circular Society, BTU Cotbus)

Event: Circular Society Forum
Date: 29 September 2023
Time: 10:00 – 11: 30
Place: Online
Language: German
Cost: Free of charge

To join the session, please sign up here. To find out more about the programme, please go here.

The Circular Society Forum is organised by the Hans Sauer Stiftung and BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg and is funded by The German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU). The event is hybrid, with on-site sessions in Berlin and online ones. You can find further information on the summit website.

For further questions, please contact Alexandra Kessler.