The CSCP at the Circular Valley Forum: Communication is Key to Circularity

On 18 November 2022, 600 decision makers will come together at the Circular Valley Forum in Wuppertal’s Historic Town Hall to address a leading question of our time: How can we manage the transformation from a linear to a Circular Economy?

Given the paramount potential of Circular Economy to mitigate climate change, protect and preserve biodiversity, and drive the sustainability agenda in general, the forum will offer a platform to exchange and synergise. Major actors from fields such as politics, business, science and civil society will discuss how technology, regulation, communication and collaboration can promote the Circular Economy.

The forum, which is organised by the Circular Valley Foundation, will include panels on numerous topics such as “The challenge ahead”, “Technology”, “Regulation”, “Communication” and “Value chain collaboration”.

CSCP’s Executive Director, Michael Kuhndt will join the panel on communication, as a key a prerequisite for the Circular Economy to succeed, in particular when it comes to consumer acceptance of circular products and services.

Kuhndt will focus on retailers and their role as gatekeepers. Considering their interface with the supply chain as well as their direct access to consumers, retailers have the unique opportunity, but also the challenge, to use their influence on both sides accordingly.

“We experience that consumers want to participate in climate protection and resource conservation, but that they find it very difficult to implement this in their everyday lives, often due to complex information flows. Retailers can address precisely these issues by facilitating consumers’ circular actions, reminding and providing them with information as well enabling and empowering them.”, notes Kuhndt.

The CSCP is a Circular Valley partner.

For further questions, please contact Michael Kuhndt.