Communication Can Create New Mental Images

Ellen has over twenty years of experience in international communication and marketing. At the CSCP, she is using this experience to support a better understanding and action for biodiversity in businesses. Understanding how everything is connected leads to the right actions. She uses storytelling to make complex content tangible and understandable.

How did you come to join the CSCP?

For more than two decades, my professional activities focused on marketing, communication and public relations in the event and trade fair industry. From the sidelines and with my educational background in physical geography, I have watched with great curiosity the evolution of sustainability from niche to limelight, including in the business world. In particular, the intersection between businesses and biodiversity always triggered my interest. The CSCP effectively brings together people from business, politics, nature conservation and society to focus on biodiversity and link it to other issues such as the Circular Economy and food. This excites me and so I jumped at the opportunity!

How can businesses benefit from a commitment to biodiversity?

I know how difficult it is not to lose sight of sustainability in everyday business. Through the CSCP’s many years of experience in working holistically with stakeholders and also through the project UBi – Unternehmen Biologische Vielfalt, a federal programme for biodiversity in business, I look forward to help fill existing gaps. For many people, biodiversity is still an abstract concept that literally needs to be brought to life. Sometimes, it is no different for business actors but there are many ways for businesses to integrate biodiversity into their (sustainability) strategy, for example by integrating criteria in their supply chain and greening their company’s premises.

What’s your key goal when it comes to advancing the sustainability agenda?

We live in a time of change: I want to use communication to help us stop talking about the “what” and start implementing the “how”. There is a lot at stake for all of us, and we can only do it together. I see communication as the way to get people involved.

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